Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beaded Tail

Announcing the Etsyblogger Team Member of the Month! (And she is a fellow Oregonian!) Sharla of BeadedTail. She loves animals, and has some beautiful animals that she features on her blog! A part of her proceeds benefit animal awareness causes.

Many of her items have charms that feature paws, or slogans about animals. If you are an "animal" person, you will love Sharla's shop and blog! Here are a few of her items that I like best!

Visit Sharla's shop and get a great pice of jewelry and help this worthy cause!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Three Lindas In Vermont

I'm having a great time in Vermont! Highlight of my week was getting to meet, face to face, my Etsy blogger teammate, Linda Wheelock, or as we all affectionately know her, Mrs. Moo. She was a great hostess and took me all around her 'neck of the woods'.

Our first stop was to an award winning cheese farm (is that the way you say it, Linda?) called Neighborly Farms of Vermont, which her friend owns. The owners name is also 'Linda'. So we took this picture out in front of her business. Left to right, Linda the business owner, Linda (me)Pruitthandcrafts blogger, and Linda the Spottedcowsoaps blogger (Mrs. Moo). Linda and her family have a nice little business (probably not so little, since she sells to Trader Joes!) Anyway, I didn't get to see them making cheese, since it was the day that they clean the entire cheese making room, making sure that everything is spotless. Watching them in the process was very interesting.

Linda (Mrs. Moo) then took me to a little General Store in Randolph Center VT. The owner there was another of Linda's friends, a volunteer firefighter who once helped save her house during a fire! The store had the old wood flooring, and everything that you might need, including local maple syrup, and honey. It also had a quaint area around the pot belly stove with chairs in a circle that housed the morning coffee klatch. I bought several lovely postcards.

Next, was a tour of Randolf, where Linda (Mrs. Moo) lives! Beautiful little town! Lovely old homes and buildings, all in immaculately kept conditions. I was so impressed with the homes in Vermont, as all of them seem to be well kept with beautiful flowers everywhere in gardens and pots with lovely manicured lawns!

I will leave you today, with another picture of the two blogger Lindas and Mrs. Moo's son Josh. Thank you Linda, for a wonderful afternoon in the Randolph area of Vermont!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Northfield Falls' Covered Bridges!

Yesterday after hubby's seminar session, we went to see the sights! Just down the road a few miles in Northfield Falls on Cox Brook (that runs into the Dog River), there are three covered bridges right in a row. They all date from the 1870's and there is a sign that warns you: "horses at a walk" thru the bridge.

We learned a little about their architectural designs as two of them are Queen's Post design and the third is a Town Lattice design. We didn't get good pictures of the inside of the structures, although if you look close you can see the lattice design on the inside of the first picture and the vertical posts of the Queen's Post design in the last picture. Bridges are in very good repair, kept up by the Northfield Falls township. The country lane that goes thru them is called Cox Brook Road and it is dotted with delightful old homes in very good repair and upkeep (some of them are the saltbox style) and all with pretty flowers and beautiful manicured lawns; they are a nestled in rolling deciduous forest with green grassy areas in full display with wild flowers--buttercups and lupines, to name a few. At one point under the one bridge in Cox Brook were some local children playing in the brook while their mom kept watch from the grassy slope. We took lots of pictures, here are just a few:

Etsyversary for the Design Shop!

June 26th marks my anniversary on Etsy for my Design Shop! I can't believe that I have had the shop for that long!!!! I'm celebrating by running several sales and specials this week thru the 26th! Check it out! http://pruittdesign.etsy.com/

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Norwich University!

I have been so busy, that I haven't blogged lately, what with our 20th wedding anniversary and getting ready to fly to Vermont for my husband's graduation. We finally made it to the nearly 200 year old Norwich University in Northfield, Vermont on a awful red-eye flight across the nation (but that is another story!). What we found was a beautiful campus! I thought I would share a small part of the beauty of this almost 1200 acre campus in the mountains of Vermont:

This is the dining hall/Campus center and a couple of residence halls. We are staying in Alumni Hall, built in 1905. (Pictured below.)
It's a hilly campus with stairs everywhere---and we found that we had a dorm room on the 4th floor! Oh well, I will get my exercise this week!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Happy Anniversary to me (and hubby!) We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary yesterday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wrap, cozie, sleeve, or collar?

Whatever you call them, a coffee sleeve is a wonderful green item that you should consider using. Besides being eco-friendly, they are practical!
  • They keep protect your hands from steamy hot or icy cold beverage containers, depending on the cup contents.

  • They are reusable. No more disposable sleeves. There is nothing to throw away. They reduce waste!
It has been said that 1.1 billion disposable sleeves are tossed away every single year in the US alone!

  • They are fully easy care! Toss them in the washer and lie flat on a towel to dry.

  • They are portable. Carry them folded flat in your pocket, purse or glove box, ready for use with your next coffee trip!

Besides the sleeves that I sell on my Etsy shop, you can find lots of creative styles in other Etsy shops! Take a look, buy one you like and use it consistently! Join the cause to reduce waste and save a tree!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Help! Comments, Takers, Advice?

A few days ago I was given several discard boxes from an elderly lady's house cleaning efforts. She saw no value in the discards, but I feel like a got a vintage treasure! There were several hand sewn quilt tops, some batches of hand sewn blocks ready for assembly, lots of old Quilter's Newsletter Magazines from the 60's 70's and 80's . . . . and in the very bottom of the box were several flour sacks from the 30's and one sugar sack! WOW, was I blessed to be the receiver of these goodies!!!

Some of the tops are soiled, how they can be cleaned? Any advise? Also, anyone recognize any of the fabrics, what era they might be? Some may be old feed sack fabrics??!!. Also, any takers on some of the magazines? (I will catalog and list the dates of each in a later post.) Anyone know any collectors of these magazines. I list a few of the photos here, a more complete album of the box contents can be found on my facebook page. www.facebook.com/pruittCreations