Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to the public?
Our aprons are sold wholesale only, unless we have discontinued styles.  Click on "Where to Buy" to find shops  to purchase our aprons.   

How do I contact you?
See the "Contact" tab on the home page. 

How can I get a line sheet?
Email Linda to request an apron line sheet.  Please include business name and information, buyers name, and tax/license number (where applicable).  

Why don't I see any prices on your website?
Website is public and pricing is for approved  wholesale customers.  Please see previous question for information on line sheets and prices.  

How do I buy from you?
Contact us to have your business added to our wholesale buyer list. 

What is your minimum order?
Minimum order for new customers is $150 with minimum repeat orders of $50.

What are the terms of payment?
Initial orders should be paid for with order.  Terms after that are net 30 days.

How are your products shipped?
We do our best to ship as economically as possible.  We will use USPS unless customer requests other means.  Personal delivery is possible locally.  

Do you have a catalog?
We do not have a catalog, as our fabrics change periodically.  We do provide a line sheet for interested parties.  We also have a brochure, if you would prefer.  

Where can I see the process of making your aprons?
You can read about the making of an apron here.  Also, from time to time, we do blog posts about the process.  Enter "apron" in the search box on the home page for a list of blog posts. 

Where can I get swatches of your fabric choices?
Swatch pictures can be emailed.  Ask for Novelty, Reproduction, Bold Print, Floral,  or Geometric.  If you have other preferences or a color preference, please let us know. 

Is the color that I see on the screen, the actual color?
Probably not.  Screen color varies.  Computer and monitors are different and will show colors differently. Please don't assume the color you see on your computer exactly matches the actual product you will receive.  We do our best to describe our colors.

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