Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Rose City Home

Portland is called the Rose City. This is one is from my front yard!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sliding Bye September!

One more day in September. Where has it gone? Seems as if it was just the other day that we vacationed for labor day and school was starting. I love Autumn, but the realization that we are sliding into Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas is a bit alarming. Lots of activity to come! There's the traditions. There's the big slime time party at our church for all neighborhood kids. Then, there's our family traditions for Thanksgiving and all the out-of-town relatives and visitors; and then the sliding really starts, quickly to December 25th! Oh where did the year go? It's kinda like the down side of the hill with no snow. So what do we do?

We enjoy every day of Autumn and the holidays! Plan to enjoy!

1. Careful calculating right now will pay off in many ways!

2. Intentionality will bring purpose to the seasons

3. Determine to not get frazzled!

4. Make a 'roadmap', Plan ahead, write it down in your journal . . . . .

. . . . . but most important:

Be Flexible, don't let your plans run you! Enjoy the season!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Studio to work?

Last year I had a emergency hospital stay that, thankfully revealed no problems. The cause was deemed to be stress; my hubby and I decided to quit our job--both working together about 60 hours each week and living where we worked! We moved out and into my daughters home and started looking for other jobs. Little did we know that the downturn in the economy was upon us and it took months to get a part time job and a commission only job that is really the pits! Anyway, we are still living with my daughter by necessity. I lovingly say: "we live in a studio apartment with a bathroom down the hall!" We took over their family room. With most of our stuff in storage, we make do with a desk and book cases for my husbands study, a recliner with the TV on a chest of drawers, and of course a bed. Where do I create, you say? Well, I have a sofa table that sets up against the other chest of drawers that holds my sewing machine. I sit on the bed and pull it up close to sew. I have stacks of boxes in a corner, with all my fabrics. I use an ironing board for beading. I set it up in front of the recliner to work. It's not pretty, but it works! Oh to have more space! Maybe sometime soon!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tatting Tales

After yesterday's post I got some interesting feedback. I had asked you to consider your lifestyle and Twolefthands did! I loved what she said: "Tatting is such a beautiful form of art, so delicate! If someone gave me a tatted hanky I would still use the Kleenix, and frame the hanky!" This is funny but shows our culture and lifestyle in a nutshell! We love our crafts, and creative things but still love convenience!! Who wants to wash a hanky anyway?

I got several lovely thoughtful responses. I thank you all for responding.

There was one that didn't get posted that I got from Jo in New Zealand. (Her card pouch from her etsy shop was featured in yesterday's post.) She wasn't able to open my blog, it crashed her browser! So I will reprint her email response here:

"That's a lovely post, and sentiments I agree with. Many of these arts are dying, and my use of vintage textile in my work is my way of appreciating, and sharing with others, these arts.I have to tell, all my tatting, and 99% of the work in my vintage shop, was done by a man! He tatted until he was 93 years old, and embroidered etc. Just amazing the body of work he created, and I have been lucky enough to enjoy and own. "

So, you see there are many ways to appreciate a crafter and "his" creativity. Again, go give some praise to an artist! Have a wonderful day!

A Simple Gift

A simple gift from a simple woman who filled her extra time slots, between chores, with crafting artistry.

I'm in the midst of reading a book, The Missing, by Beverly Lewis. (I've added to my recommendations in the right hand column.) As it is set in Amish country, the author takes great pains to describe life among the plain folk. I guess that is why I enjoy reading her books; they take me away to a simple life, unlike our own.

In one portion that I just read, it described a grandmother tatting a trim of a handkerchief. [Pg 155.] It was to be given to her next younger sister for a birthday present. A simple gift from a simple woman who filled her extra time slots, between chores, with crafting artistry. While I marveled at the craft of tatting, it seems such a lost art, I imagined the hankie with it's delicate edging. But more than that, I wondered at the gift. Today, in our lifestyle, people have so many material possessions that a little hankie would not even be thought of for a gift. And if we did think of it, we would be possibly confused at which one to "buy", thinking that the sister would have several already, or want a particular style of hankie. (That is assuming that she even use hankies anymore, what with Kleenex and Puffs so available now.)
I hope this this glint of another lifestyle helps me, and you, to consider our own lifestyle; and especially, for those of us who are crafters, to consider how we can be grateful for the little skills and talents of those who still use their talents within our own families. Go ahead, heap some praise on someone today for their creations!

The picture at the top of this post is of a creation using vintage tatting. The picture at the bottom of this post is of a crafter who does her own tatting. You may visit each shop by clicking on the picture.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Love Photography?

Here's one of my photos from vacation. Besides the beautiful butterfly and flowers, you can see the water beads from the recent rain on the foliage. I don't always get my pictures this clear; I guess it's trial and error . . . mostly error . . . with me, but I love trying! It's the creative adventure!

If you love good photographs, you will also enjoy seeing everything that is posted a fellow etsyblogger team member's blog. She's an awesome photographer! Maybe she will have some tips for your own photo taking!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back to School

When I was a child, school starting right after Labor Day was the norm. Summer was ending, although it was still hot outside. I remember sitting in my new classroom, at my new desk, dressed in new duds right down to the shoes, and sweltering in the heat because the rooms were not air conditioned. I lived in a hot climate where the temps outside could be still in the high nineties. But, none-the-less, excited about being back in school. I liked school even though I was extremely shy about meeting new kids.

Now, my grand kids have gone back to school, last week; and each one is sharing their exciting experiences of newness: new school, new friends, new rooms and new teachers! I've enjoyed their stories, and seeing them blossom in the new year! Go kids! Go teachers! Learn! Learn! Learn!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My "What Flavor Am I?" contest has been a "toughie", as one person put it. I know that it was, but it has been fun! I have particularly enjoyed your comments. Some have been confused, some insightful, some uplifting to me personally. I thank you for that.

This little contest has given me a chance to try my hand at writing rhymes. I know, I'm not very good at verse; my husband is a natural at poems. But I had fun giving it a try. So, what were the clues more specifically?

There were opposites in the first poem, thus sweet and tangy.
the word sour in the second poem,
"Bounds, fully bounded" means it has a rind.
The color was not blue as in "true blue" but . . .
the color of the bracelet . . . lime!

So, our winner is Beth of Sunshine Daydreamz. She has an awesome etsy shop by the same name. Congratulations Beth!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can't guess?

I see that several of my friends and fellow bloggers have made guesses to my "What Flavor Am I?" contest. Although none were correct, one was quite interesting to me, the one from Tulips Talking. Shall I give you another hint? I think I shall.

As one commenter noticed,

Sweet and tangy is true.

I can be a bit of a sour at times,

all-the-while to my friends true blue.

Although I'm asking for a flavor,

there is a color that is a clue!

Win the bracelet!
Add your guess to this post or the previous blog entry. I will announce the winner on Wednesday!

Monday, September 7, 2009

What flavor am I?

When you reach my age, life can become a little "day-after-day ho hum." There are those that are always whining a "been there done that" attitude, or have the "I just don't have the excitement or energy anymore" feeling. And there are always reasons, in your mind, why you can't do this or that, whether young or old.

A full and abundant life has to do with attitude, as I was reminded the other day by author Wayne Cordeiro. I tend to get in a ho hum funk sometimes, but Wayne admonished us to "take a pick and dig at the mountain--never, never give up!" He quoted Proverbs 24:16, "for a righteous man falls seven times and rises again." Staying down and depressed is a life that has no spice, no seasonings, no tang. A plain old vanilla being.

So how do I have a saporific life filled with character, quality and spirit of saltiness that is satisfying to everyone around me?

I live my life within bounds,

but fully bounded by personal liberty.

I emote a caring attitude,

but restrain myself with integrity.

I am person of character,

an independent person of quality.

I am who I am,

flavored constantly with

God's love of humanity.

What flavor am I?
If you can guess my flavor (Make your guess in the comments section before September 15th), you will win this beautiful bracelet. If several of you guess the same flavor, the third person to guess it correctly wins! One guess per person please! I will announce the winner in my blog on Wednesday September 16th!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

People Watching at Tillamook

Recently I went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory (see previous post) in Tillamook Oregon. I had some time, so I sat down with my journal and a latte and watched the people. It can be interesting and enlightening to watch people.

It was a cool, muggy day in August and people had sweatshirts or wind breakers slung over their shoulders, their feet donned with rubber flip flops! There were many families with little ones in tow standing in the ice cream line. One young mother and father both wearing baseball caps and hoodies, had toddlers around their feet with the youngest wailing in a baby sling at mom's waist! Bless her!

Beautiful family groupings: daughters, grandmothers, grandsons, great grandma and grandpa, and moms and dads. There were backpacks, jackets and tired faces. But the best of all was one grandmother with deep and bright dyed purple over her gray hair! Her flip flopped feet had beautiful decorations of henna flowers! She wore a turquoise hoodie, had a long skirt and a huge pink bag. She walked with a wonderful carved walking stick. She had her little grandson with her. She took him, repeatedly, back to the condiment table to refill his small portion container with ketchup! I think his main menu item that day was not his french fries! All in all, I had a great time but I seemed to be the only person there that was alone!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September is Here!

In September, all of September, I will be giving away a free pair of earrings with every sale from my Design shop. This is a great promotion for you! Buy a birthday gift and get a pair of earrings for a second gift! It's all happening at my jewelry design shop.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plans for the Fall Season

I've been thinking about my plans for the upcoming season. I love the Autumn (Harvest) season, and of course, Christmas is coming, so I've written down some plans. I won't reveal all my plans, but here are a few on them:

1) Working on some organza party tablecloths for Halloween! Here's a tease sans tassels and decorations!

2) Planning a BOGO sale for Harvest Paper Bag Art the weekend of 9/18 - 9/20.

3) Making some country style homespun little "Thank You" pillows for a local shop. May list some in my shop.

4) Looking thru all my Christmas items to assess what needs to be done.

5) Pursuing books and magazines for new inspiration.

So . . . here's hoping it will be a great season for creativity and sales!