Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scrappy Days!

You know what it is like to be in-between projects? Not knowing where to start next? You've got supplies and fabrics and, probably, half-finished projects, but you still struggle to begin a new project! That's where I am right now. Christmas, and it's associated projects are over; the bazaar season is over for now; and I don't know what to begin next! So, today I got out my boxes, looked thru my stash and my supplies; and on the way cleaned and organized a few things. All the while, looking for inspiration! I'm still short some yellow fabric for the landscape quilt . . . I need hot pink thread to finish some coasters . . . I haven't decided what to do with a bag full of browns that inspired me back in the fall!

Then there's all those scraps from all my previous projects!! Don't you just hate all those left-overs! I like COMPLETED projects where THERE ARE NO LEFTOVER FABRICS! Always there is this dilemma--what to do with the scraps! I love fabrics and want to do something useful with them! I don't want to waste anything! Coming up with ideas to use the leftovers is challenging!

So . . . today I pulled out the scraps and used some of them to make coasters! Little log cabin patchwork type coasters using fabrics left from my latest quilt projects. They turned out a little larger than usual coasters, but that's OK. It's creative! Besides, some people use mongo cups for their drinks! They need larger coasters, don't they?

Try something scrappy today! You'll feel so satisfied with yourself, besides getting rid of all those leftovers!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Projects!

I made some cute roll up crayon carriers for my grandkids for Christmas! The novelty fabric really makes these interesting! These are filled with jumbo crayons for the littlest grandchildren. These cute rolls pack easily into a purse or diaper bag for travel to church or to the doctor appointment. They keep little ones happy and busy. See several more in my etsy shop. Link at the right.
If you have an idea for a similar carrier, share it with all of us!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Aprons back into Vogue!

Aprons are fast becoming an item with the trendy set! Aprons coming back into vogue? Yep, there's the story about the teen who found an apron in an attic box and wore it to school the next day as her fashion statement. What was grandma's everyday staple in the kitchen is becoming retro-styled everyday wear!
Vintage styles and cute new styles with up-to-date fabrics and contemporary prints are seen everywhere from the streets of the Pearl District to the prevalent mania in the craft shows! Besides enjoying my photos, you might want to check out http://www.herapronstringsshop.etsy.com/ for some retro styles, a french maid style and others!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Season is upon us!

The Christmas season has begun! We decorated the tree at our house today; also decorating the outside of the house, and a little treein my room! I really like the natural decorations, including fresh garland, a tree that we cut ourselves and holly! I miss the country style where you use what you have to celebrate the season. Don't get me wrong, I also like glitz, but I miss the simple life.

I found a simple shop that sells simple decorations! Check it out! http://www.hdvintagedesigns.etsy.com/

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Photography anyone?

Yesterday, my husband and I went out on a walk. Since we're house sitting by the Cedar River; we walked up the road and then on to a little public park by the riverside. I took my camera and snapped a few pics. It's fun trying new things with your camera! With the new digital cameras there's no more worrying about running out of film--just make sure your camera is charged! I've had plenty of friends get to a possible great shot and their battery was dead!

Anyway, I thought I would share a few of my pics. I plan to use some of them as the inspirations for a new quilt. They are also good for studies in color, especially winter day subtleties. Enjoy!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Creative plates?

Just a little challenge for today. See how creative you can get when you serve the dinner plates this evening! This is something that I have been conscience of for years, but sometimes we don't think about fresh and new.

In my last job at a retirement center, the chef served up the usual prearranged fare for the servers to take to the residents. We had a set corporate menu that the chefs were to prepare. So, some of our chefs would get more CREATIVE than others, especially with the garnishes. One chef that I remember was more elaborate than some. He'd make "works of art" out of his garnish! Others would just put a squiggly orange slice on the plate and make it simple. It made the difference between a "WOW" plate and just something else on the plate to eat.

So why not try something different tonight with your . . . . TV dinner. Take it out of the commercial container, arrange it on your plate adding some little token of your creativeness. Do some research, before dinner time, on what is edible from your patio container garden or your yard. Stop at the supermarket on your way home and pick up a fresh herb that you have not tried before. Put a sprig on your plate tonight! (Then plan a new recipe using the remainder!) Try something new! Get CREATIVE! Even if you are NOT serving a family or guests, your plate will be a delight and refreshing after your long day!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Even tho' I am on vacation (house sitting) I feel the urge to create! Enough of being idle! My mind is full of possibilities to create! I'm mulling over some color combinations , having been inspired by Joen's book. (See bottom of the page for the book recommendation . . also, I have included a quote from her book [page 22] in the next paragraph.)

Right now, I am thinking of blues. I've not worked with very many blue fabrics, I've always seemed to chose other colors. Do you seem to gravitate toward the same certain colors or color groups? Trying something new can be a bit scary at first, I guess we just get comfortable with what we know--in a bit of a rut?!? Anyway, I want to stay with the monochromatic scheme (LIKE MY BREAST CANCER QUILTS) and do another small quilt. I want to see how different gradations, hews and tints will work together. While I am doing this small quilt, I will be thinking over how to do a winter landscape quilt, since nature has "scores of examples of monochromatic color schemes . . . A cold bleak winter day can display hues from one family alone. The monochromatic scheme can be sophisticated and elegant." I am thinking in blues, or greens . And then there is the little peach quilt for little Raya, and a watercolor quilt I want to do, and the . . . oh well, we're always thinking about new creations, aren't we? --lp

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's an "etsy shop" you ask?

"Etsy" is an awesome website where HANDMADE items are sold by the artists themselves. There's lots of fun ways to browse i.e. by color, by "pouncing", by showcase, by treasuries of other sellers, by birthday's the same as yours or simply by category. You can get ideas, or sell your stuff, or shop for gifts! Check it out! http://www.etsy.com/

Also, take the challenge to buy HANDMADE! Support cottage industry! - lp

Craft Holiday!

I'm currently taking a holiday FROM crafting! I visited the family for the Thanksgiving holiday, and this week after the holiday, my husband and I are house sitting! All my craft materials are at home, so I have set up this blog, worked on my husband's website and am doing research for a new quilt. I am currently reading Joen Wolfrom's book: Color Play. I highly recommend it for any of you even tho' it specializes in "Imaginative Color in Quilts." It would be a good resource guide for any crafter. I will even use it when I plan my spring gardens, picking plants within color groups that are pleasing to the eye.