Monday, August 11, 2014

New Children's Juvenile Fabrics Arriving

Things have been quiet for the summer, but I have just recieved several new juvenile patterned fabrics and I'm so excited about starting on some kid's aprons!  Just sharing the fabrics today, will show completed aprons later this week!  Here are just a few:

For little girls:

Cute elephants--love the colors:

for bigger girls??  Says "girl bugs"!  Cute!

Love the color in this one, besides, I love giraffes!

And who doesn't like cats???

What do you think?  What's your favorite? 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

coming soon . . .

Coming Soon . . .

Under Construction!  

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Monday, March 3, 2014


Preliminary Note:
This sort of post is one that you would usually find in January, not the beginning of March.  A post about goal setting; or about re-purposing ones life and life practices; or about heartfelt resolutions; or refocus are commonplace at the beginning of a new year.  No, this is not actually one of those posts, although it might seem like it.  

I know that I am not alone when I say that I have struggled, at transition times in my life, with my purpose, and, then, staying on task once I have reached a decision about what my purpose is. You know: when you lost a job, became an empty nester, severed a relationship or had to care for an aging parent, not to mention those reevaluation points in your online business life cycle. I have questioned myself when goals are not met, sales were sagging, or life took a turn not expected.  A few of us do have a singular purpose and do progress along steadily toward the reward, but not most of us.  Most of us are still trying to find a singularly satisfying  purpose.

Life is organic, and can take on a life of it's own, at times.  We weave a curvy path in our days and look back and wonder what we were doing.  We try to make sense of it all, we scour the web and blogisphere for tips about organization, goals, and the like.  So why am I talking about all of this?

Actually I have decided to take a "Sabbatical".  One dictionary puts it: "an extended period of leave from one's customary work . . . to acquire new skills or training (or to rest)" source.   I have come to a point, and don't get me wrong here, life is not bad and I acknowledge that am blessed, but I am sensing a needed transition to come.

So in order to discover what my future holds, in a pro-active effort, I am setting aside most all that I am currently involved in, to focus on some new projects.  Undone projects that have been nagging at the margins of my life; I am making room for them, now.  No more procrastination.  No more excuses.  No more false hope in things that don't matter.

For how long?  I really don't know, but I am taking a break in order to achieve a new perspective.  What will stop:

1)  I am closing my original Etsy shop.  I have been active since 2008 and need a break.
2)  I will no longer be active in this blog, although I will chronicle my sabbatical "year" in a new blog, if anyone is interested in following it.  (Thanks for following this blog in the past---I appreciate you and your comments!)
3)  I will be stepping out of some of my favorite teams for the duration, although I love them and appreciate all my friends!  I just cannot put in the effort needed to be a satisfactory team member.  I will be following your blogs, though, as I can.

What will start?

1)  Finishing my Children's book and illustrations
2)  Embarking on a book plan with my husband
3)  Taking Watercolor art classes

I have other personal, spiritual and business goals for this Sabbath time, but you can read about them in the new blog!

Thanks for being loyal readers, 
and I hope to come back with new enthusiasm 
and a new product after my break! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Party Decorations

Yesterday  I mentioned that I might do a tutorial on my grandson's birthday party decorations.

My daughter bought some assorted paper lanterns at a discount store. She tied four strings from the frame and attached a trimmed down paper lunch bag for the gondola basket.  She decorated the "basket" with ropes and weights.  Then my SIL helped her suspend the balloons from the ceiling with fishing line.

Actually, I do not have pictures of them being made, but I think you can get the idea, from the pictures provided.

Hot air balloon

Maps decorated the walls
It was a wonderfully encouraging and educational scene, with the mind wondering how it would be to go on an adventure thru the air and around the world.  Fun, easy and intriguing!  

Tomorrow, a couple more ideas for the party!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have Little Ones? Need party gift?

Last weekend my grandson, Padraic, had a birthday party. All the decorations were about flying around the world in a hot air balloon.  Maps from all over the world adorned the walls as miniature airplanes and a mass of small hot air balloons hung suspended from the high ceiling! (I'll try to get a tutorial of the hot air balloon decorations from my daughter--maybe in tomorrows post!)

Do you have little ones in the home?  Then I know that you have frequent birthday party invitations floating in and out of your hands.  Everyone loves a party!  Ever thought of having a cupboard or drawer where you keep gifts ready for parties?  I do.  There is always that time when you have no time, you are super busy and your child reminds you that "the" party is this afternoon!   That's when you go to the cupboard and unlike 'old mother Hubbard' you do not find it bare! Don't for get to stock it with gift bags and bows! A second idea, for the cupboard, is to use the cupboard contents for times when you need a reward for your own child.  But if you use it in this way, make sure the cupboard is a secret from the kiddos, it just wouldn't do to have them begging for rewards!  :)  Also, the cupboard saves you time and thus saves you money, no more running around to the store and using up all that gasoline for each party!

I've listed a few ideas to begin stocking your cupboard:

Cupcake necklace by Padraic

Triple YoYo Hair barette by PruittCreations

Jumping frog pencil bag by PruittCreations
 By the way, if you visit my shop, check out the marked down/ CLEARANCE  section for tags and cards!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Sharing the Love!

I know, I have been absent lately, nearly a month.  My mom has been ill and I traveled to California to take care of her.  Now I'm home and anxious to get back into my blog!

Usually Friday posts are for 'Friday (Etsy) Finds', but since today is Valentines Day, I am sharing the love, by promoting just one fellow Etsyian!  Gwen has been on Etsy for about a year with personal care products that she originally made for gifts.  She says:  "It happened more and more that I was asked 'Do you have any extra to sell?' And so my shop was born!"

She has lovely personal care items, that are great, not only for Valentines Day, (a little late to order for this special day) but for any day!  Please check out GwensHomemadeGifts; you just might find something that you just gotta have! Or something to save for when you need a little gift!

Lip balm - gift boxed!  by GwensHomemadeGifts

Bath Sea Salts by GwensHomemadeGifts 

Face Scrubbies by GwensHomemadeGifts

Pedicure Soap by GwensHomemadeGifts

Oh, and . . . have a great Valentines Day!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Baby Shower Hostess Gift

Those of you who know me, know that I have a large family, and many, many grandchildren! Number 27, a girl, is due the middle of March! This little girl is coming to my oldest son's family. They wanted another child, but it never happened!  They actually have two girls, one age 16 and one in her early twenties!  We are all so excited for this new arrival!!!!

Today is the baby shower, and I needed a hostess gift for my hostess friend!  You all know me--the scrap lady!  I took pictures of the process, because you might want to duplicate  this set of 'baby looking' coasters for your own future hostess! (Or I will have them available in my shop :)

Sew several strips of scrap fabric, then cut strips

Cutting strips

Add white trim fabric to both sides

Chose a matching backing fabric and finish!
This will be a cute keepsake for the hostess to remember the shower!  

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bird Fabrics

Yesterday, while I was working in my studio, I had the window open a  little bit to let in fresh air.  I can't stand for the room to be stuffy, even if it is cold outside.  But in reality, what I let in, besides fresh air, was the sounds of birds in the trees.  It was truly refreshing to hear the various bird calls and tweets while cutting out fabric.  It made me think of fabrics with birds on them.

I have used this fabric in the past as the owner, of  the business that I make aprons for,  loves birds.  I have also used this leftover fabric for a cover for my serger.

And, I have been looking at several more bird fabrics for future aprons. The first is a whimsical one:

Colorful "paper doll" birds:

A traditional feel:

A funky Japanese feel:

 What do you think?  Which ones do you like?

Monday, January 13, 2014

the Fog is coming in . . .

The end of December I did a blog post about fog. I come form a valley that was perpetually filled with fog for several months from late Fall thru Winter and into early Spring.  My favorite Etsy Team has a monthly challenge and I  participated with that post.  I further challenged myself to do an art piece about fog. 

Just thought you might enjoy an update on the project not finished yet:

I am in process . . . I found a picture that I thought would lend itself to an embroidery design and dove right in.  It involves embroidery floss with subtle shade gradations. I don't know if you can actually see the different gradations in my picture but they are necessary to rightly depict the fog.  This design will obviously be monochromatic in the end, with shades of gray, although there are pale shades of tan also.  Wish me luck on the completed project!

What are you trying that is a new process for you?

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Intentional Life


Goals!  Seems as if bloggers are all doing posts on business and personal goals for 2014.  I've been thinking about it, but it was so hard to come to conclusions this year.  I looked up my goals for the last two years, and that didn't inspire me!  Some of those were completed and some were not!  I hesitate to write goals and not meet them, but if I don't write them down then I have nothing to work forward to!  So, here goes:

Enamel Dollar Sign charms from charmingkathyjo on Etsy

1)  I have made monetary goals for my wholesale business and my online businesses.  Last year the online business was not where I would have liked it to be, but my wholesale business took off!  I  always have a hard time analyzing the online businesses.  One shop did well, one just sort of sat there until Christmas, and the other one was rather status quo.  I think the answer is in new creative products--we'll see how that goes!?

Poinsettia Wall Art in progress

textile wrist cuff in progress
2)  Creativity--Last year I opened a new shop, a very creative one--Abigail Jayne ART!  It did not produce a return like I would have wanted, but that does not deter me from further creativity!  Onward and upward!  I still want to explore more textile art techniques and have been asked to teach a class on textile art!

Scrap quilt block in progress

3)  I am working on two books.  One is a craft tutorial book on using scraps with instruction on scrap projects.  I want to finish it and get it published later this year.  The other book is a joint effort with my husband about our lives and how they intertwined and evolved.  It is our vision to share it with our large blended family while celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2015.

Well, that's it!  Quite a list, but I am excited to begin the new year's creativity!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Postage Rate Increase!

They're at it again!  The USPS  (and the Canadian Post) has announced rate hikes once again!  Aye-yai-yai!

Several years ago, rate hikes affected my personal life.  I had to stop sending Christmas gifts to my grandchildren, because the rates to ship were more expensive than the item being shipped--I lived on a limited budget!  It wasn't worth it to ship;  everyone said that I should send gift cards!  I really didn't want to, as these were not personal enough for me.  Besides, I enjoyed the shopping for each individual.   Then I moved closer to my grands and problem solved.

Now, the post office is raising rates again with the largest increases being at the lower end, for First class packages.  That is right where I do most of my business! I ship small items, lighter weight items, and my customers get a break over stuffing the items in a flat rate box. It feels like the Postal Service is fazing out first class packages. Again, Aye-yai-yai!  Small business owners, like me are affected tremendously by this!

So my Pruitt Creations customers will not be affected, at least until January 26th, here what I will do:

1.)  I will not raise my rates until the 25th. Obviously anything ordered on the Sunday 25th  cannot be shipped until Monday the 26th, but I will honor the old shipping rate!

2) Anything in my Marked-Down section will be Free (domestic USA) shipping, if you use the coupon code FREESHIPPING at checkout.  And if you are in the UK, Canada or elsewhere, the rates will not be raised until the 25th.  Shop NOW!

3) and if you buy items that are not on clearance, with marked-down items, you can still use the free shipping coupon code!  Remember USA domestic shipping ONLY.

I appreciate my customers and want them to get the best prices!  Remember . . . . Time is running out fast!

View my shop here!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Christmas Gift

For Christmas, my oldest daughter gave me a gift card to my favorite fabric store!  Gift cards are so awesome because your mind just goes wild with ideas!   I always try to use them for purchasing something that I would not normally purchase with my hard earned pennies.  Usually something that I want but consider not entirely necessary at present, something that can wait till another day for purchase.  I'm sure you know the feeling!

Anyway, I was storing my ribbon stash in a drawer, and if you know my studio, you know that my space is limited and all space is premium.  Drawer space could be used a little more efficiently, for sure!  So see what I purchased!  Ribbon Storage!

Formerly this space was unused wall space.  Now my ribbon storage is vertical at the back of a plastic storage shelving unit, right alongside my tread, webbing and lace storage! Not to mention, the empty drawer space now ready for items that I use rarely and want to tuck away from view.

Thanks, Jackie!