Friday, August 30, 2013

Bring it On!

Well, we are down to the last two days in August!  Labor Day weekend:  Where did the summer go?  I drove down a local street earlier this week and for the first time I noticed the tops of the trees are already turning color.  They were slightly tinged purple.  Autumn is sneaking up on us, since at the street level,  all the leaves were still green.

I really love the autumn season; I  am DONE with the heat, and welcome some cooler weather, and some occasional days of rain and I'm ready for the harvest! But the thing that I think I like the most about  autumn is the colors.  I thought I would show you, rather than talking about it.  Enjoy!

(And Autumn color in my handiwork)

Bring on Autumn! 

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Recent News

Recently, my granddaughter left the USA as an exchange student for her junior year of high school, and it threw me in sort of a funk!  Ever get that way, yourself? We all have.  Well, Kayleigh arrived safely and BTW, changed her FB page to say: "Resides Taipei, Taiwan; From Portland Oregon" Whew!  What a statement at 16!

So thru all this,  I have neglected my blog, and failed to show what I have been working on.  I haven't even shared my exciting news! A bit about that at the end of the post.

I have been working on my inventory for the holiday markets and craft bazaars! (Besides making aprons for my wholesale client, of course!)  Actually I did a post about my new product earlier, just didn't say that it was to be my holiday line.  The post was about how this idea came into being.  You might want to check-it-out here.

Anyway, here is a preview of my new line of Christmas stockings.  I don't know if I will sell it online this year, as they do take quite some time to make with all the handwork; I don't know if I will end up with enough inventory for both the holiday markets and my Etsy shop!  We will see.

So, presenting . . . . hand embroidered and machine quilted Christmas Stockings! In various color combinations!  Traditional Red & Green, currently popular Red and Teal, shabby chic Green and Pink, etc. With more color combinations to come!

Traditional colors

embroidery handiwork
buttons, Venice lace, and bead embellishments

And . . . these will be featured in a new venue (for me, that is).  I auditioned for a juried holiday marketplace back in July and just received notification that I am accepted!!  I have a reserved place in the New Hope Holiday Marketplace!  It is a huge two day affair in November and is highly attended.  My family and I have visited it nearly every year since I moved to the PNW.  I tried out a couple of years back, but only got on the alternate list.  Now I am confirmed, so overjoyed and, of course, busy!!

Tip of the day:  Be sure that you share your most unique product, when auditioning for shows! That was my downfall a few years ago, when I shared product that was too much like everyone else's!  Also, I presented myself , this time, as a textile artist, not just a crafter!  That helped!

What color combinations would you like to see?
Are you preparing for holiday shows?
How is your progress coming along?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chicken Strut WW

This little fellow had free run of the lawn in front of a roadside stand that we visited while on vacation.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oregon Coast Visit

A blogger friend posted some pictures of the environs around her home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Lake Michigan, to be exact.  I love her pictures.  I gave me the idea to post a few more of my pictures from our vacation at the Oregon coast.  I hope you enjoy them. sorry you can't smell the sea air! 

Personally, I enjoy the little interlude from sewing! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Exchange Students

You may remember  in the 2011-2012 school year my eldest daughter, Jackie,  hosted  Katrine, an exchange student from Denmark. Katrine has since been back to the US with her parents for a visit.  We do miss seeing her more often and having her smiling happy self around. Here's the original post about her. and another post about graduation of these two.

GD Courtney, Daughter Jackie and Katrine at prom time

Well, another season of exchange students is about to begin in our family.  Now, our middle daughter, Elaine is sending her daughter, Kayleigh, off to Taiwan!  Kayleigh will be boarding a plane next week for a year in Taiwan!  This can't be!  She just graduated from middle school, didn't she?  Where has all the time gone?

Graduation day with G'Ma and G'Pa

Didn't she just start high school and adapt to what grandma thinks is the "funny clothing" scene?

Didn't I just take her to the orthodontist and wait while she got her braces off?  Didn't she just turn sweet sixteen and flash those shiny teeth for her picture?

We just went to her High school orchestra concerts, didn't we?  Watched her play first chair cello as a sophomore!

And listened to her practice!

And in May, I just said: "Didn't you just take Japanese in high school, now you have to learn Chinese?" That's a lotta change!

 And . . . and . . . the seasonal craft shows are coming up and . . .  Kayleigh is my greatest helper! ahhhh . . . What'll I do?  Scheeze . . . . It's getting to be a fuzzy memory already . . . .

Here's an other post   from last year about her helping me and about her anticipations of being an exchange student.

 What'll I do?  What shall I do?  I know . . . Kayleigh I will miss you! Your sarcastic humor, your crazy antics, all of it!  (Antics post.)  And what?  You cleaned out your bedroom?  For whom?  For a boy!!!??????  Oh yes, I remember, your mom is hosting a boy from India,  Well, I guess that is OK.  But I will still miss you!!!!!

Is this going to be my memory of your Junior year--your lovely face through Skype????/ Yikes!

Well, grandma will endure and look forward to all the news happening from Taiwan. You better write once in a while!  Oh, and Kayleigh, you can read my blog and see what I am up to!  Happy Junior Year!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School

Haven't posted lately, except for my automatic WW posts;  I have been ill, including a stay in the ER on Wednesday.  Anyway, I am getting better, and decided to make a short post today in between short stints on the couch.

Most school children are preparing to go back to school, sometime between August 12th and September right after Labor Day, depending on where you live.  I've been hosting a "Back-to-School" sale in my shop and have a few items that may be on your list, if you are the one designated to do the shopping for the kiddos. All the items shown today can be found in my PruittCreations shop.  And don't forget to use the coupon code listed in the shop announcement for a 15% discount on anything in my Back-to-School section!  You can use every penny you can save, when it comes to school supplies!

Don't forget the hair accessories!  What little girl doesn't want to look her best the first day?

Need a cute apron for art classes?

How about  a pencil case for that budding artist?

And don't forget to stock up on Birthday Gifts for those party invitations that will inevitably come.

Thanks for visiting my blog today, 
and happy Back-to-School shopping!