Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Favorite Pin Cushion!

I have been participating in an Etsybloggers Street Team Journal Swap (More about this in a future post next week). My swap mate has two etsy shops and I found this cute little item in her IndulgeYourShelf shop.

I love this little rocking chair pincushion that comes complete with a small drawer beneath the cushions. This one is "upholstered" with a really fun cordouroy floral fabric in purples, blues and green. It has a spot for the scissors, (You'll have click on the picture here to go to her shop and see the pictures!), thread, and three little holes that might have held dowels for more thread at one time. It is about 8.5" tall, 8.5" wide, and 7" deep. It is so clever a design! And Vintage too! Don't you think so?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break with Paper Bag Art!

I ran this tutorial last spring, but you might like to see it again, especially if you missed it!
Some of you are in the midst of spring break, and some of you will experience it next week. Whatever the timing, kids are at home and needing something to do. Here's the craft that I promised long ago--the timing is right for it now! I did these with my six year old grandson, Padraic, this week, while he was recuperating from the flu. We did these for Easter, but you can do them for any season or for any subject you choose--truly a CREATIVE project! I've even done them for one that says: "ssssh, I'm Studying!" for my granddaughter to hang outside her door at the proper time.

My paper bag art is a fun project for ANYONE! I utilize scraps of paper or fabric; common lunch bags or bags that I have saved; scraps of ribbon or raffia; but you can use any other embellishments that you have around. For this project, I had saved some little white paper bags that I found somewhere, and scraps of fabric.


Turn the bag over to get to the flap that is the bottom of the bag. This flap must be pasted down flat. I use Mod Podge, since it
is good for lots of mediums.
Then fold down the top of the bag about a half inch or so, making sure to fold it toward the same side that you glued down the bottom flap. (This will be the back side of your project.) Before you glue it, place a long piece of raffia or ribbon under
the flap, then glue it down. Ribbon will then be tied in a circle to make the hanger, as shown.

Step TWO:

Turn the bag over, after it dries, and begin to decorate the front however you like, using paper, fabric, or any other items. Here I have cut egg shapes from scraps of fabric. Completion of your art project may include greetings written with puff paint, as I have done here, or with any other medium you have handy. You can hang them over a door knob, over the corner of a picture frame, from the off switch of a lamp or anywhere you like. Get creative!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Missing me ? ? ? ? ?

To all you lovely readers, sorry I haven't been around. I have been ill, and now I am in the middle of moving! Yay! Maybe I can post some pictures of all the boxes!!!! But then, you all know what it is like to move. My hubby and I got our own little place and will officially be moving in this Saturday. We've been almost a year and a half living with my daughter because of economic conditions. So we are excited about living alone again!

Will pick up the Abby story again in April. Stay tuned . . . . .

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breathing heavily, Abby opened the gate of the vegetable garden and sat down on the bench for a rest. Pulling weeds from the flower border was a little more bend-over exercise than she needed.

"You done?" asked Suz.

"No, I just need a breather. I need to pace myself."

"Well, don't over exert. The flower bed can wait." Suzanne kept busy loosening and aerating the soil around the tomato plants. "We have these veggies to deliver."

"Yes, I know. I just wanted to give a bit of time for the flowers. Anyway, I can use this rest time to talk to you about something. Since little Patricia stayed with me, I've been thinking. I really need an outlet for my love for children, but I don't know how. I've made a pro and con list of reasons to adopt, but I am still undecided."

"Adopt? Oh, mom, I know that you have a big heart for kids, but at your age? Can't you do something else that will pacify your passion?"

"Patricia's family is giving her up and she needs a home!" Abby retorted!

"I understand that, mom, but I worry about your health. You just said that you need to pace yourself. You already volunteer at Thomas House. They love you there. And you can still have the kids stay in the summer for a week at a time."

Abby put her gloves away on the garden shelf and replied, "You are probably right, but my heart just bleeds for that little girl. I wish she could have a good home."

Putting her gloves away too, Suzanne walked toward the gate and said, "I understand mom. I would like to see your pro and con list and talk about it later, mom; right now I've got a gal coming to interview for the shop sales position. Why don't you go make some lemonade and I'll be over later to talk."

"O.K., I'm spend a few minutes gathering veggies for the order, then I'll go in and make the lemonade. See you later."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cherry Plum Tree . . . .

It may not be spring where you are . . . .

But it's spring in my yard!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pros and Cons

? . . . ? . . . ? . . . ? . . ? . . ? . . . . . ? . . . ? . . . . ? . . . ? . . ? . . .

Abigail's day mostly done, she found herself again in the wing chair enjoying the warmth from the fireplace. Tonight, as she lifted her feet to the footstool and pulled the Afghan over her legs, she was well into thought.

"Am I too old? I still love kids. Being a foster mom or adopting just appeals to me. Where could I do the most good? After all, I have a large enough home and am fortunate enough to be able to afford all the expenses. I could care for a child, easily. I could love a child. I really enjoyed having Patty here with me for a week. But then, I was tired. It does take a lot of energy to follow after a little one and make sure they are always safe and entertained."

She pondered adding another log to the fire, but thought better of it because it was almost time to turn in. As the warmth from the fire was dieing down, the afghan felt so good. She sure enjoyed her quiet time; would that be sacrificed with a child in the house? Thoughts were flying in her head. Tomorrow . . . tomorrow she should make a list of pros and cons, and talk with Suz about possibilities.

(This is part of an ongoing story of Abigail, which started with my Jan 4th blog post.)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Journal Swap

I've elected to participate in a Journal Swap being put on my Etsybloggers team. We have suggestions each day for assigned writing. This is particularly good for writers (us bloggers) since we are always looking for prompts and writing ideas! I especially like several blogs that give you a title, then you come up with the blog entry!

It's only the second day of the process and upon reading my team members blog entries about their first entry, already, I have learned something! The other bloggers are doing their journals in artful ways! I guess I am just a "Straight Laced plain Jane" gal, 'cuz I started with JUST writing! I don't know why, I guess the word 'Journal' conjured up a picture in my mind of a 'diary.' So, now I have to think more out of the box! And prettier!

So I went digging in my magazine pile for a magazine that I bought some time ago. It is a Somerset Studio presentation of "Artful Blogging". It's a visually inspiring magazine for bloggers! Gorgeous! I'll be flipping thru it today to gain some inspiration and to see what I can come up with for an inspired Journal!