Embroidered Logos

Custom Embroidery Fees

Logo embroidery can range from simple to intricate, depending on size and colors of the finished design. 

Mostly, for our use on pockets of aprons, the size is approximately 5 inches by 5 inches or very similar to fit the desired pocket.  So these quotes are listed for our typical pocket.  If you require something different, other set-up and sew-out fees will be quoted.

Your Logo will need to be digitized for use in an embroidery machine.  Thus we charge a one time set up fee for this preliminary art and digital work.  Intricate or larger logos will be priced up accordingly.  After the art is digitized it will be submitted for the client’s approval before it goes to the stitcher. 

Set up fee:                                     $45.00

Sew-out fees:
1-12 items                                           $6.00 each
13-36 items                                         $5.00 each
Over 36 items, quote required

Custom tags.

Custom tags are available for the inside of the garment, in place of embroidery, if you prefer. Sample: 

“Made Exclusively for ********
by PruittCreations”


“Handcrafted locally
For ********
By PruittCreations”


Some items--key chains, earrings, etc.-- may require engraving, this is usually included in the price of the item, unless there is an intricate pattern to prepare for the engraver.  Please contact us if your item includes this option. 

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