Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tools of the trade

Another blogger, the other day, said something about her tools. It made me think about my tools. So I got them out of their resting places and photographed them:

Counter clockwise:
  • Hand forged Utility scissors that I purchased in Amish country several years back--sharp!
  • My workhorse for fabrics--and ONLY fabrics-- my 9" Fiskars Razor Edge
  • 9" Pinking shears
  • Utility scissors--I have several of these in various places around the house--use 'em for everything!
  • Two small sewing basket pairs--one blue, one red handled, for snipping thread
  • Curved end paper scissors for the grand kids
  • and my prized pair of stork embroidery scissors--They belonged to my mother-in-law and were handed down to me! Yay!

Is this all, you say? Nope! I have other paper cutters, special scrap booking scissors, rotary cutters, etc. When fabric is your passion, a pair of scissors are your implement of choice!

What is your implement of choice?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Three Giants - Sunday Sketches

I used to live in the mountains. I miss living there. After some dry years, and the ravaging of insects that thrive in dry wood, these three became "widow makers" that had to be taken down.
(This is a submission for Sunday Sketches.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Memorable Birthdays??

Memorable birthdays? I, personally, really can't remember too many memorable birthdays, so I asked my husband if he remembered any birthdays. He remembers his 14th, 21st, 40th, 50th and 60th. The 14th and the 21st were because of the gifts that he received, a transistor radio that he wanted and a Bible respectively. The others he remembers because of life milestones and their respective celebrations. (See his 60th at the right). While I could go into details about the celebrations, I am sure that many of my readers have had similar parties.

On the other hand, I don't think that many people have ever experienced one like my first husband's 40th! I had ordered a large bouquet of black balloons to be delivered to his business, sort of as a gag! We were in the midst of moving. We were making many trips back and forth doing the move ourselves. We had two teenage drivers at the time, and they were helping in the family cars, while we drove the company pickup. I had six children at the time, four of them were riding with my oldest daughter. We got a call from the police that she had been in an accident. As we arrived at the hospital, almost running thru the lobby, I noticed that everyone in the waiting room was gathered around the television; I think that I remember lots of smoke, but I really wasn't paying attention with four of my children in separate trauma rooms! After finding all my kids, helping calm them, watching glass being removed from ones scalp, looking at x-rays and calming myself down, I found out that what everyone, including some nursing staff, were watching the video of the Challenger Explosion -- Jan 28th, 1986.
By the way, I called and un-ordered the black balloons and had them replaced with a colorful bouquet AND all of my children were OK, except for cuts and bruises. We will never forget that birthday! Needless to say, we missed our evening dinner party!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

New "studio"!

My old "studio" if you could call it that was in the corner of my bedroom. I pulled up the sofa table with sewing machine atop, up to my bed and began sewing! When not in use, I slid the table back up against the bureau to provide walk space to the door! Well, enough of that!

Here's my new studio space, still in my bedroom, but much more roomy! And everything has it's place! Yay!!!!!!!!! Now comes the creativity . . . time to go create!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday Sketches!

I am so excited about something new that I found thru an blogger friend, Marlene. She was participating in Sunday Sketches, and did an awesome sketch of her aunt from a old photograph. Marlene's friend, Sophia, created this activity on her blog, BlueChairDiary. Sophia was so inspired by all the participation that she saw that she sketched out an official Sunday Sketches sidebar button. (I just added it to my sidebar.) If you would like to participate, check out her blog! Requirements are:

1) Take the "SS" button from the sidebar and place it on your blog.

2) Just grab whatever you love to draw/sketch with and have at it.

3) No themes or specific topics. Just whatever comes to mind.

Sunday Sketches are designed to keep one's creativity alive and flowing.

I love this! I seek inspiration wherever I can find it and this activity helps me spark creativity! Sophia posts the participants on her blog the following week. Come on--let's create sketches!

Monday, April 19, 2010

New Bed Quilt

Don't ya just love fabrics? I do!

I'm wanting to pick out some fabrics for a new quilt for my bedroom. My old one is falling apart. Actually it is an imported promotional (cheap) quilt. I loved the colors and the patterns when I bought it. My room was done in a forest pattern, with bears--which I love-- and Canadian geese with a cabin like, mountain feel, complete with miniature pine trees and real pine cones--I love them too! It reminded me of the mountains that I love, but no longer lived in. I have enjoyed the quilt for several years, but because it was not well made, it has not worn well. Oh well, it served it's purpose! (Can you tell, I love the outdoors!)

I now live in a forested area and want a change (just a little one) in my bedroom, which also doubles as my sewing room. I am wanting something a little simpler. I want the quilt to still have greens and browns but with an ivory background fabric. I have found the pattern that I want, but not the fabrics. This calls for a trip to the fabric store!! Yay!! (Of course, I will be checking the Etsy fabric shops!--goes without saying!)

Here's the pattern I have chosen, but I will change it slightly. Foresty, right? I'll show the fabrics after purchase! Should be a fun new adventure!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fight Breast Cancer!

As you may know, I am a Breast Cancer survivor for nearly 5 years now! Wa Hooo!!!

I support research and charities wherever and whenever I can. Here in Portland Oregon on May 8th, the American Cancer Society is having a 'Making Strides Against Breast Cancer' walk at the Rose Quarter Commons. It is a 2 mile/ 4 mile Non-Competitive Walk. This walk supports:

  • Helping someone with breast cancer find a ride to treatment or a free place to stay

  • Keeping the phone lines open every minute of everyday and night for questions that need answers

  • Connecting people who are newly diagnosed with survivors who have "been there"

  • Helping women get access to mammograms (Important to me!)

  • Funding groundbreaking research to find cures

YOU can help by donating to my team efforts at PortlandStrides.org Once you get to the web page, click on Donate, then find my team, "Pruitt Creations" or find it under my name, and DONATE! Every penny is appreciated for finding a cure! Thanks!

Also, I am running a special thru tomorrow April 15th on my handmade Breast Cancer Lap Quilt. 20% Off thru midnight the 15th! (Please see the instructions in my shop announcement about the "itEm of the dAy SALE" for details.) And . . . I will still donate a portion of the proceeds of the American Cancer Society's Making Strides fund! Such a deal!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bird houses for Spring!

On our stroll, yesterday and the day before--this is getting to be a habit!-- we spotted bird houses in the trees! They are simple but functional houses. I suppose that the owner of the complex has put them all around to attract birds. I hope some little mama birdie will take up residence there! We'll see!

I got me wondering what might be available for bird lovers on Etsy. Here's a few of my finds:

Vintage Style Birdhouse from timesandchimes on Etsy

Custom Order Bird houses by tarayeager on Etsy

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wonderful Surprise!

I have not been into blogging due to all the moving and yard sale activities; that is winding down now.

I have been whinning about moving and been exceptionally tired. This is not where I wanted to move. I was hoping to move to a house in the country, not an apartment. I love the outdoors, so I wanted to live in the country not the city. But with the economy the way that it is and my husband and I among the under-employed, my dreams were the first to go. So, an apartment it is.

The manager of this complex told us there was a "path" down by the creek. We were not lucky enough to get a creekside unit, and I had never seen the path. We've been too busy to investigate. So, when we finally got time, this is what we found:

I had envisioned a little dirt path snaking along the creek, but what we found was such a surprise, as you can see! (You can see some of the apartments, in the upper right.) My grandson enjoys it for feeding the ducks and birdwatching.

At the end of the "path" is a "park" with a picnic table. All of this is for the residents and guests.

Well, the apartment and it's wonderful amenity of a private creekside park where we can feed the ducks, stroll, and have a peaceful gaze at the squirrels, woodpeckers and Canadian Geese is the greatest surprise of all! We have been so blessed!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Journal Finished!

I bought blank Journal, for the Etsybloggers Journal Swap. My Journal is going to Laurie Jackson of IndulgeYourShelf Etsy shop. I am anticipating receiving a journal from Debby of Storybeader fame.

My Journal Swap is off to the post office Today! Though I would show you how it turned out---just a little bit of it!

Middle picture is my Etsy shop banners page. Next picture is an assignment that required us to cut up a photo and paste it in the journal--can you tell what it is? And this last picture is my most colorful, yet not my most creative page.
It's been a great experience, now it is off to Laurie! Enjoy Laurie!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where have I been?

"Where have you been?" you say. Well, I've been moving! Busy, busy, busy, with boxes and boxes!!! You know how it is when you move. I'm getting down to the bottom of the boxes, but still sorting. It leaves little time for blogging! Thought I would share it with you:

Maybe I will share a little bit more when I am all put together! Have a good day!