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A blog friend suggested I write about my avitar


As the artist/designer/owner of Pruitt Creations,  I specialize in textile products.  I started my business doing individual art sales and craft shows in the late 1990's.  I expanded my business online in 2008 by selling textile products for home and gift giving.  In 2011, I expanded even further with a wholesale line of aprons with my best seller becoming aprons sets for mommy and child.  At present, I am working on a website exclusively for my online presence and wholesale line.  Until then, this blog site is dedicated to my wholesale business and process.  It includes my original blog which was designed in the beginning to explore creativity--both my own creativity and that of other artists!  Older posts reflect this, if you are interested.  Since April 2014, this site is dedicated to my wholesale line and seeks to share that creativeness!  

Note: Now, more about who I am, personally. 

Because I love all textiles, textile artwork, watercolor, charcoal / pencil drawing, creative writing, photography --- almost anything creative--- 

--- you can find several of my other interests here: 

"My Art Blog" 


My other blog is all about art, creative writing, sewing and craftiness.  It is called Abigail's Attic--reflections written from the mind of my pseudonymous alter ego--Abigail Jayne.  This blog is exclusively devoted my textile art addiction; to my watercolor art and illustrations for my creative writing projects. And, sometimes, just anything creatively artistic! 

"Textile Art Shop"


With a love of textiles, and plenty of time to create, I have enjoyed making all kinds of fabric handiwork-- both gifts and practicalities, for my family and for sale. I have operated three Etsy shops from 2008 to 2014. Although my PruittCreations Etsy shop is now closed, I still have two active shops that feature 1) my limited issue textile art and 2) crafting supplies, catering to crazy quilters.  I literally love keeping busy!!! Most days I cannot wait to be creative. 



Youngest and eldest grands
I am a Breast Cancer Survivor  and Grandmother of 27 grandchildren from cradle to college age---that's not so many when one has ten children!  (thus my user name: pinkgrammy).  I occasionally blog about family in my other blog and older blog posts on this site (but I strive not to bore with constant bombardment of the family pictures.)

I am an all-around creative person! An artist and writer, as described above. And  I love to explore new creative mediums.   One of the most original things I have done is Paper Bag Art! And my granddaughter's teacher wanted to learn how to do it, so her class could make them! See my tutorial on Paper Bag Art in a previous post! (Other previous tutorials can be found under the Tutorial Tab  found occasionally on the home page.)
Grand Ada with handmade backpack

In-between grand kids' recitals and sports events, sewing, and vending an occasional local craft show (with my granddaughter's help), I find time to run my business, and enjoy the textile artistry.