Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break with Paper Bag Art!

I ran this tutorial last spring, but you might like to see it again, especially if you missed it!
Some of you are in the midst of spring break, and some of you will experience it next week. Whatever the timing, kids are at home and needing something to do. Here's the craft that I promised long ago--the timing is right for it now! I did these with my six year old grandson, Padraic, this week, while he was recuperating from the flu. We did these for Easter, but you can do them for any season or for any subject you choose--truly a CREATIVE project! I've even done them for one that says: "ssssh, I'm Studying!" for my granddaughter to hang outside her door at the proper time.

My paper bag art is a fun project for ANYONE! I utilize scraps of paper or fabric; common lunch bags or bags that I have saved; scraps of ribbon or raffia; but you can use any other embellishments that you have around. For this project, I had saved some little white paper bags that I found somewhere, and scraps of fabric.


Turn the bag over to get to the flap that is the bottom of the bag. This flap must be pasted down flat. I use Mod Podge, since it
is good for lots of mediums.
Then fold down the top of the bag about a half inch or so, making sure to fold it toward the same side that you glued down the bottom flap. (This will be the back side of your project.) Before you glue it, place a long piece of raffia or ribbon under
the flap, then glue it down. Ribbon will then be tied in a circle to make the hanger, as shown.

Step TWO:

Turn the bag over, after it dries, and begin to decorate the front however you like, using paper, fabric, or any other items. Here I have cut egg shapes from scraps of fabric. Completion of your art project may include greetings written with puff paint, as I have done here, or with any other medium you have handy. You can hang them over a door knob, over the corner of a picture frame, from the off switch of a lamp or anywhere you like. Get creative!