Monday, June 4, 2012

Owen's B-Day!

It is actually time for my 4th and final post on Creativity, but, I would like to postpone that until tomorrow because I want to share my weekend festivities with you!

One of my grandchildren had his 5th birthday Party yesterday.  Owen is his name.

I had told some of my blog friends the story of Owen shopping with me at the yardage store, a couple of weeks ago.   I wasn't planning on buying him anything when we went to the store.  We were there with his mother to look for yarn and for me to look for a particular fabric that I needed.  When we were looking, Owen found some fabric with his favorite toy on it--Transformers!  He wanted me to buy it!  So I purchase it and told him I would make him a quilt for his birthday, which was only a couple of weeks away.  We went home and he helped me pick thru my fabrics for some matching fabrics to use for the quilt.

Then the next day, he asked his mom if his quilt was done yet!  He kept asking daily; he had no concept of how long it takes to make a quilt!  Here is the quilt with the blue square quilt side and the backing of the transformers fabric:

On the quilt side, in the middle of each block, I stitched the number 5 so he will always remember when he got his quilt!

He finally got his quilt yesterday at his party, and he says that he likes the transformers side of the quilt best!

 P.S.  My hubby, his grandpa, wrote and illustrated a little book just for him, another delight of the day!


Rose said...

That quilt is perfect for him, and I love the book, too! I used to make books like that for little kid gifts. What a lucky birthday boy.

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Special gifts! My husband wrote and illustrated a little book when our daughter was a baby. A treasure.

Kathleen said...

What fun! How sweet that he wanted a quilt! The book is such a special idea, too!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What special gifts! I love the 5 stitched in the squares :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

What awesome gifts! I love the idea of stitching the number 5 in the blocks. very clever!
How wonderful to receive a book made just for you!
Owen is a blessed little boy to have such loving grandparents!