Monday, January 26, 2009

Creative People Awake!

Times are tough. Everywhere we are faced with layoffs, financial fiascos and unfortunate stories. I just heard a TV story about an auto maker who is laying off factory employees because they can't sell cars. No reason to be productive, if there are no buyers, if they can't move their product. Well, this hits the little guy too. The HANDMADE industry is hurting also, because buyers have a lack of disposable funds and plenty of fear. I say, back to basics---buy local and buy handmade when you can. Support the people's economy. Talk to you friends about supporting the local creative sellers--you might just put food on the table for someone in your community! And if you have no extra cash--get creative yourself! Here's a picture of our own thanksgiving, with a homemade Thanksgiving Banner decorating the wall!

It's also a tough environment for those of us who try to be creative. But . . the economy should not be an excuse to not create! Creative items increase our delight, both for the buyer and for the creator. These items hopefully raise us from possible depths of despair, if only for a short time. We can all use a lift these days. Let's not give up creativity just yet!

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