Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ever had those days where inspriation flees from you?! I recently wrote a post about scrappy days, while I was looking for a new idea. Yes, I got the hot pink thread and the yellow fabric. I finished the coasters; they can be seen in my etsy store. I haven't started the landscape quilt using the yellow fabric, although I have played with the fabrics together and not yet decided on a pattern to cut. I just have not gotten the idea that I think will yield the finished product that I have in mind.

This morning, Saturday, I resorted to watching sewing shows on public TV! I saw some techniques that I have never used. And I saw some AWESOME sewing machines that I cannot afford! But ultimately no new ideas! So I guess it time to go to the fabric store and let the fabrics speak to me!


Wendy said...

Hi Linda, You might also just want to try Googling "landscape quilting" and maybe something would pop out at you. Ya never know :)

Linda said...

Thanks Wendy--I never thought of that! -lp

Ramona Meservey said...

Hi Linda,
I've been checkin' out yours and Suz's pages. Sounds like lots of work going on out there.
And so much snow!!

Linda said...

Hi Ramona!
Yep! Lots of snow! Lots of time to stay indoors and create! Thanks for checkin' us out! Luv Ya!