Monday, December 6, 2010

More Musings--Suicide Monday!

I would like to share some insights about the recent string of craft shows that I have done and the effect they have had on me.  This last week I did two weekdays at the local community college bazaar and was slated to do two separate events on the weekend--one at a local High School and one at the recreation room in the complex where I live.  I was excited about the string of shows and had high hopes. I knew that the first two days were a slower venue but still had set-up and take down for both days.  I enjoyed the time, especially since the hours of operation were from 10 AM to 2 PM--shorter hours.  Sales were better than last year for the two day show, so I was happy.

I worked a full day at my part time job on Thursday, had Friday for further prep for the weekend shows.Saturday came and I did the show at the  High School.  The Saturday gig was unexpectedly show for me.  I watched the gal next to me sell crocheted hats by the dozens, it seemed.  One vendor came over to her and said: "You seem to be the hit of the show and the only one selling anything!  I see all the customers walking around in your hats!"  And, I believe, she was really helped by the exceptionally cold weather outside that day. She sat there all day, crocheting as fast as she could, as the special orders came in one after another.

On Sunday, I awoke feeling totally exhausted and fatigued! Since I had not paid anything for the slot at my complex, I begged off and stayed in bed the whole morning.  The afternoon was spent resting and trying to recover from, who knows, exhaustion, or catching a bug???  And to be honest, I know that I was fighting depression all day.  And I still am.  Hubby out of work, except for a temporary seasonal part-time job at Macy's; My part time job ending; now future in sight and my sales are just not that good!

We hear all that hype on Etsy about "quitting your day job" which I would literally love to do, but it seems so elusive most of the time.  So here are my insights (and resolutions):

1)  Don't--I say--DON'T make any decisions on the Monday after a show!  (Otherwise called suicide Monday, in other professions!)
2)  Give yourself some time to rest and recoup after all the work!
3)  Find something else to do after your shows, for a change of pace. Take a little break! We all need a break from time to time.  "Full steam ahead" is not supposed to be ALL the time!
4)  After recuperation, get some objective advice on your products and make sure that you listen!
and . . .
5)  Never, NEVER book yourself too tight in the future! (especially at my age!  :)

Anyone else have any insights?  Would love to hear them, er . . . . just maybe not today--MONDAY!


Laurie said...

Suicide Monday is a great term -- I'd never heard it before but, boy, is it fitting! The best advice I have about sales is related to writing, some advice I got as a writer. When it's not a Monday, I'll give it to you. Email me!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Love the advice of taking a break :) I tend to be a "full-steam ahead" type of person and have to remind myself to unwind once in a while!
A hot bath and a glass of wine now and then does the trick for me :)

roseworksjewelry said...

Taking a break is a good idea!

Creative Lily said...

Great post and excellent advice! Your list is a good reminder for all the hard working artists and crafters out there. Thanks for sharing :)