Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Welcome Jubilee Joy!

Jubilee Joy born December 4th--6 lbs 11 oz!  My 25th grandchild! 
No 'Yesteryear' post today!  The present is much more fun than the past! Jubilee was born to my fourth child, Jeremiah and his wife, Beth.  They now have four children.
If you are interested in my large family this post tells a little more.  Jubilee's daddy is referred to as "a teacher-type" in this previous post.


Erika said...

She is beautiful, Linda. Congratulations.

Splendid Little Stars said...

...aawww....so sweet! Congratulations, Linda! How wonderful!
I did read your other post. We are all a bit dysfunctional at times. Unconditional love is not always easy and must be practiced and practiced.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Baby!!! Congratulations!!!!

joeyandaleethea said...

Awwww congratulations!! OMG your 25th G-child, that is amazing, you are quite blessed!!! Happy Holidays!

missbmckay said...

Soooo precious! Oh my goodness. We are expecting our fourth girl in March. See little Jubilee makes me all that more excited about the future!

Congrats to her parents and to you again Grammy!

Laurie said...

She's beautiful! How wonderful! What a great week: new grandchild, and etsy street team blogger of the month! Congratulations!