Friday, August 26, 2011

Vacation OVER!

I'm back from vacation, and ready to start posting again! Although, I probably will not be consistent with this blog until later next week, at the start of September. I re-started my 'Jumping Off Places' linky party in my other blog.  (You can see that post here if you are interested in writing.)

So, while I wind down from vacation and get started posting again on this blog, I thought I would leave you with a few of our vacation pictures.

Hubby, my mom and my sister at Availa Beach

 DH hunting for sand dollars

One of my grands sleeping on the long ride home
The rest of the pictures were mostly poised pictures of family--not of much interest to you peeps!  But it was a good vacation!!!  How was your vacation?


Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

That sure is a beautiful beach! Glad you're back.....and rested! I guess I had a "stay-cation" since we didn't go anywhere!!

Teresa Kline said...

what gorgeous beach photos....hope you had a fabulous time...have a great weekend!

enjoy *~*

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Love that second photo! And I'd love to go hunting for sand dollars!
We actually didn't go on any vacations this year! We'll have to go twice next year :)

tamdoll said...

Welcome back!! Isn't a vacation nice?! I especially love returning home, but this year I've had a lot of trouble getting back into my normal routines. After I sorted through all my photos, I had hundreds of scenery and animals (put those on flickr) and only a handful of family!.