Friday, July 29, 2011


Hi everyone!

It's time for a break! I've been blogging for nearly three years now.  While it has been fun and informative (for me, and I hope for you!) I will not be posting to this blog in the Month of August!  I am taking a much needed vacation!  See y'all in September (maybe late August!) with some new themes and fun tutorials for fall!

In the meantime, I have listed some of my favorite posts in the side bar, maybe you would enjoy reading one of those!  Also, leave your email  in the comments section if you would like to be notified when I return. Have a wonderful end to your summer, and see you in September!!!!!

Thanks to all my loyal followers!



Marlene said...

HI, I know how you feel about needing a break. I am having a really difficult time keeping up with everything and need a break as well. I would love to know when you return:

Laurie said...

Well, I am just going to keep your blog in my reader so I will "see" you when I get back. I've been wondering how you guys are doing. My husband and I each have a job interview this week -- this has never happened, and is such a rare even that we are kind of freaking out! Best wishes and hurry back!

tamdoll said...

Hope you're enjoying your vacation, let me know when you get back!