Thursday, April 5, 2012


Multi-tasking is a highly sought after trait required for most jobs.  As crafters, or knitters--any artisan, we all seem to do many tasks in a day.  For most of us who also sell online, we must be masters of many different duties--photography of our product, online skills, marketing for proper presentation--not even mentioning our skills as an artist/handcrafter.   And we need to be able to manage all of this so we are productive!  So, how do I multi-task? 

I know most crafters have several projects that they are working on at one time.  I do.  Since I love several types of textile mediums, I have them scattered (but not disorganized) all over my apartment at strategic places for their appropriate working times.  At my sewing machine, I have several stacks of pre-cut projects that are ready when I sit down to sew.  In this picture you can see a stack of coasters  on the machine and a stack of crayon roll-ups on the desk top.  Also there are a couple of floral mauve cup cozies ready to be sewn.

When do I have time to cut and ready these components?  I often cut  out a piece of fabric fully when I have it out, rather than putting it away for another time.  I assemble the ribbon, batting, and some companion pieces of matching fabrics all at once and pin them together.  This is what you see in the photo.  They are waiting to be sewn. (Three different sets of roll-ups.)

I also work in the living room, at my easy chair. I cut out fabrics at night when I am watching television.  Simple cuts, like the coaster squares.  I also cut out squares for yo yos for my supply shop and trim them down to circles. When I get tired of cutting, I will often sit and sew yo yo's and drop them in a little basket at the side of my easy chair or I will sit and embroider. 

My ironing board is right next to my easy chair and the end of the board is usually stacked with projects in progress so I will have a selection at hand to work on at all times.  I have spread them out, so you can see what I mean.

There is also some finished coasters that are ready to be photographed!
P.S. Don't look at my burnt ironing board cover--I need a new one!!!!

I did get the coasters photographed and I will be listing them later today!  Here's one set:

Cupcake coasters

How do you multi-task?


Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

You're so organized! I like your system of working well in more than on place. I tend to multi-task the most when I wander out of my studio and decide to watch some TV. I usually do that if I have a large order to get through, or sometimes I'll bring my laptop into the kitchen and answer convos while I make dinner.

Rose said...

You new cupcake coasters are really cute!

I'm almost always watching TV or listening to music while I'm beading or working on paper crafts (i.e. cards). If I'm working upstairs on gluing (magnets, tacks, etc.) or photographing, I'm either listening to music or talk radio. And I always have at least two different projects going at any given time. I try not to have more than 3 going, but having a couple things to switch back and forth between keeps me from burning out on any one medium.

Nancy said...

Great post! I always love getting a good window into artist work habits. I think I would be confused if I had that many projects going on at once in different stages. (although that might just be my learning to sew brain talking here). Love those cupcake coasters!!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I work much the same way. I like to work in batches so when I sit down, I can knock out several things at once. I group like-projects together and work in sets.

Great new coasters :)

storybeader said...

You have a lot of pieces out at the same time! Great multitasking! I usually cut out lots of strips to roll for my beads and will prep more than one page of my journal in one sitting. I guess it's like things that we do... :-)