Thursday, November 1, 2012

Yo Yo Tutorial

Well, for all you do-it-yourselfers, it's about time that I showed you how to make a yo yo from scratch! I know that there is a cute little tool you can buy to make them. (I bet you really don't want to part with your money for another tool that you will only use once?? :) Anyway, they are easy to make.

Use any square piece of fabric, preferably a cotton or cotton blend. Size should be from 3 1/2 inches to 5 inches square---your choice depending on the finished size you want.  (BTW, the "cute little tool" that you can buy only makes one size yo yo.)  Cut the square into a circle by using this little trick.  Fold the square in half diagonally making a triangle.    Cut off the corners using a curved motion.  Repeat for the other two corners.  Open and you should have a nice circle.  If not, adjust your cutting placement and you will get the hang of it soon.  Of course, if you have a die cut machine, you don't have to do this.  

When you have your circle, fold over a little hem measuring approximately 1/8 to 1/4 inch.

Using a heavy thread, begin sewing with a large gathering stitch (approx. 3/8 inch or so).  Make sure you have a large knot in the end of your thread.  You will need it to grab onto when you gather up the yo yo.
Note:  You  may want to click on the picture to make it large to see. My thread should really have been another color so you could see it better.  But, obviously, for the thread to not show in the finished product, it should match your fabric.   

Sew all the way around to right next to the beginning point, right next to the knot. 

Pull the knot out about an inch or two away from the fabric so you have two ends of thread.  Hold the knot and pull the other end of the thread to gather. Then use both ends to tie a secure knot close to the fabric.  You want to double tie it for security. 

After the knot is tied, clip the ends close to the fabric.  You may want to tug at the fabric all around by pinching it and pulling it into shape. This makes the gathers a little more even and there you have it--your own finished yo yo ready for crafting!!!


Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Nice tutorial, Linda! I do have that little tool (and in different sizes -- Clover makes them...) Anyway, I first came across yo-yo's when I was a kid -- it was a partially finished clown doll and there were more made up yo-yo's to string on! I worked on that doll, but now I don't remember if I ever finished it, or what became of it! But I was entranced with the yo-yo's!!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great tutorial! I can see why these are fun to make :)

Anonymous said...

Cool, thanks for the great tutorial!

Kathleen said...

I remember those clown dolls and I have a little dog made like that, too! I agree, Linda - these are fun. Great tutorial!

storybeader said...

I didn't realize you hand stitched the yo-yos. Lots of work there, even if they're small. So pretty! {:-D