Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lunch anyone?

Here's a quick healthy recipe for a nice lunch!  We had this today, 'sew' I thought I would share. I call it a Southwestern Bean salad. It's wonderful for February Heart Health Month.

You will need:
Lettuce for your base - I used iceburg, romaine and butter lettuce
cilantro - leaves only
cucumber - about a third of a whole
bell pepper - I used a quarter of a yellow bell
onion - finely diced
(1) one boiled egg per person - chopped
(1) one can of Great Northern Beans
(1) one can of Tri-Bean blend
Salad dressing of your choice

I used organic canned beans which I mixed, drained, rinsed and set aside.  Chop your lettuce, enough for each serving and place in a large bowl.  Add chopped vegetable to your own taste: cilantro, cucumber, bell pepper, onion and egg.  Lightly toss so as to not disturb the egg very much. Place this mixture in flat serving bowls for each person to be served.  Add the drained bean mixture on top (two cans are more than enough for two persons, so you will have some left for another day!) Then use your dressing of choice! Filling and good for you!  

BTW-- I have been using a great dressing that I recommend for this salad.  It is Girard's Premium Dressing created in San Francisco.  I used the Light Champagne on this salad and it was perfect--only 60 calories and 5 grams of fat per serving!  Maybe you can get something similar where you live!



Kathleen said...

Mmmm! Looks yummy!

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Looks great, thanks for sharing!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Oooh, this looks good! I love any kind of salad.

Memories for Life said...

I've been eating a lot of spinach salads lately. Adding beans is a great idea for extra protein!

Emily Olson said...

Look delicious! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Following now!

BeadedTail said...

That looks really good! We add beans to our salad too. Maybe it's something we picked up in the midwest?

Splendid Little Stars said...