Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Mood Post

A blog  friend of mine publishes a mood board every Monday in her blog.  Duni's blog--Duni's Studio--usually posts fashion stuff with a specific color combination. Here's one of her posts that I particularly liked.  It got me to thinking . . . . . . 

I have been feeling a little down lately, so I decided to try to improve my mood and understand why I am feeling like I do.  One thing is that sales have been down, not nearly what they had been in similar portions of previous years.  I know that the nature of sales are up and down, but this was and is becoming extended for most of the first six months of this year! 

So . . . first I prayed and then I counted my blessings--an awesome place to start! Then I went to the computer--you know, we all live by the info we can glean from our computer searches :)  I looked up some articles on expectations and depression.  I didn't find anything on that subject because they were all talking about unrealistic expectations and I don't feel my simple expectations are outrageous. But I did find this article that I know will help me.

I thought I would pass it along---sort of my Monday Mood Post!   Might be good for you too! (Then I drew a little picture):

Enjoy the link!  Even tho I know you don't want to hear it--I know that I didn't!  But seriously, many of us who spend our days creatively and at a computer, know that we don't spend enough time with our physical needs.  Ever thought that it might be contributing to your lack of creativity?

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Duni said...

Wonderful post! And thank you so much for the linky love :)
The picture you drew is fantastic! I try not to let my mood be affected by sales and yes, I could probably do with more exercise too!

Natashalh said...

You drew that? Cool! I wish I could draw! Being able to draw a fun cartoon should be a mood booster =)

Sometimes I feel down, even when I know I shouldn't, and it gets hard for me to shake the funk.

pasqueflower said...

I LOVE your drawing! I've been trying to walk each day (I started June 1). I feel so much better when I can get outside and MOVE! Tax season is especially rough with 2+ sedentary jobs! I'm either sitting in front of a computer and/or a sewing machine most of the day every day.
My sales tend to slack off this time of year. I'm trying to think of it as "fallow" time-when I can get ready for the holidays and craft fairs and try some new things. Your aprons are doing well, though!