Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yesteryear - Old Quilt Collection vol.3

Today's quilt selection is near and dear to my heart. It is a heritage quilt, of sorts, since it is made by my husband's mother.  It is a traditional Grandmothers Garden Flower Quilt. My mother-in-law called it her "12 year quilt" because it took her twelve years to finish it!  She gave it to me, several years before she passed away.  I am not sure what year she finished it, but it is probably about 25-35 years old and I take extreme care to preserve it for future family members.

The hexagon piecing is all done by hand---and then it was hand quilted.  Some of the fabrics our daughter recognizes, as they are leftovers from fabrics that grandma made dresses for her and her sisters. (That makes some of the fabrics 40 years old--from the 70's!) When referring to certain hexagonal pieces, there is always the comment: "Ohhhhh, I remember this one!"  Those comments add to the value of the quilt in my eyes.

Each flower is different, each center a pale yellow, with all the flower blocks on a white background.

The quilt is on our bed during the summer months, since it is extremely lightweight.  I am not sure what kind of batting that she used, but it is very thin.  I just love it's light weight--perfect for hot summer nights.

You can see the hand quilting stitches in this photo.  I like looking at them and imagining my mother-in-law sewing on it every night.  (I'm not even sure that she sewed at night, but she was a busy lady and that's the way I imagine she spent her evenings--she loved to sew!)

Thanks, Sarah Pruitt, for this awesome gift!  

Love you! 


Rose said...

Wow, so much work went into that quilt! How nice that you can still use it during the summer.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful! I have some of my grandmother's quilts and they are lovely. Thanks for sharing this one.

Melissa said...

Gorgeous! I really beautiful testament to the skills that have been passed down. Quilters are such fabric magicians...