Thursday, August 15, 2013

Exchange Students

You may remember  in the 2011-2012 school year my eldest daughter, Jackie,  hosted  Katrine, an exchange student from Denmark. Katrine has since been back to the US with her parents for a visit.  We do miss seeing her more often and having her smiling happy self around. Here's the original post about her. and another post about graduation of these two.

GD Courtney, Daughter Jackie and Katrine at prom time

Well, another season of exchange students is about to begin in our family.  Now, our middle daughter, Elaine is sending her daughter, Kayleigh, off to Taiwan!  Kayleigh will be boarding a plane next week for a year in Taiwan!  This can't be!  She just graduated from middle school, didn't she?  Where has all the time gone?

Graduation day with G'Ma and G'Pa

Didn't she just start high school and adapt to what grandma thinks is the "funny clothing" scene?

Didn't I just take her to the orthodontist and wait while she got her braces off?  Didn't she just turn sweet sixteen and flash those shiny teeth for her picture?

We just went to her High school orchestra concerts, didn't we?  Watched her play first chair cello as a sophomore!

And listened to her practice!

And in May, I just said: "Didn't you just take Japanese in high school, now you have to learn Chinese?" That's a lotta change!

 And . . . and . . . the seasonal craft shows are coming up and . . .  Kayleigh is my greatest helper! ahhhh . . . What'll I do?  Scheeze . . . . It's getting to be a fuzzy memory already . . . .

Here's an other post   from last year about her helping me and about her anticipations of being an exchange student.

 What'll I do?  What shall I do?  I know . . . Kayleigh I will miss you! Your sarcastic humor, your crazy antics, all of it!  (Antics post.)  And what?  You cleaned out your bedroom?  For whom?  For a boy!!!??????  Oh yes, I remember, your mom is hosting a boy from India,  Well, I guess that is OK.  But I will still miss you!!!!!

Is this going to be my memory of your Junior year--your lovely face through Skype????/ Yikes!

Well, grandma will endure and look forward to all the news happening from Taiwan. You better write once in a while!  Oh, and Kayleigh, you can read my blog and see what I am up to!  Happy Junior Year!


Natashalh said...

Taiwan! Wow! My sister and I both visited other countries in high school, but only for the summer. Good luck making it through the year (and the craft shows!).

pasqueflower said...

Taiwan for a year!! That's a long time and a long ways away! I'm still trying to figure out Skype so I can "see" the grandkids in AZ. My computer and my quick cam aren't speaking to one another it seems.
My youngest went to England, China, South Africa and DC, but never for more than a semester at a time. The time differences made real time communication a challenge, but the internet is truly a world-wide web.

Duni said...

A whole year in Taiwan! I'm sure Kayleigh will have a splendid time, even though it will take some adapting...Asia is totally different from western countries - I should know, I grew up in Asia :) Thank goodness for Skype!

Trina Prenzi said...

Oh wow, Taiwan for a whole year! What an awesome experience for her, and I'm sure it'll seem like a very long year for you, but thank goodness for modern technology so that you can visit with each other through the internet!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Holy cow! Taiwan for almost a year?! That's so long! And so far! I hope she has an amazing time and soaks up everything she can.

Rose said...

She seems like such an interesting kid! I hope that she has a wonderful time studying abroad.

Judy Nolan said...

I'm sure Kayleigh will have a memorable year in Taiwan, but it's obvious you will miss her. The years do go by quickly, don't they? Our son was in such a hurry to grow up.

Kathleen said...

Wow! They sure do grow up fast! What a lovely lady - and what a great opportunity.

Memories for Life said...

Wow, what an amazing experience! A whole year seems like forever, but I know she'll have a great time!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Kayleigh, have a wonderful time in Taiwan!