Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Boho Style?

Most people are not familiar with what boho style is. That's not unusual, since the style is not usually considered popular, nor fashionable. The boho style was originally worn as a way to defy traditional fashion norms.  It stems from the Czech Bohemians, a nomadic group of people who rejected traditional values in their art,  music, thinking and dress. 

Tiered boho skirt pattern by LuckyCarolDesigns
Although the style is not traditional nor the first choice of fashionistas, it is becoming more accepted in normal life.  People are dropping restraints and norms to wear what they personally deem is appropriate--applying personal taste to be expression-ally beautiful!

short Shimmer skirt by AllThingsPretty

 More acceptable now, than when I was growing up, I remember hem lengths being very rigid if you were to be considered "cool".  I've seen that change until these days any length skirt (except maybe micro mini) is usually accepted by the general public. More casual, comfortable and creative styles have emerged as "boho" or the "boho-chic" style.

Tattered Gypsy swirl skirt by linusmanus

Boho Wrap bracelet by EmmaRuthJewelry 

Why am I talking about a fashion style; I don't usually discuss style in this blog. Well, I feel a little bit "boho" when I work with my fabrics in creating wrist cuffs and other art pieces for my Abigail Jayne shop .
Close-up of a new cuff by abigailJayneArt

When working with the fabrics, beads, and embellishments, I strive to be creative not worrying about breaking all the conventional rules in coming up with a final art piece.  I make comfortable choices and use what I have.

Wispy buttoned Cuff by abigailJayneArt

 In my wearable pieces, the goal is:  beautiful and individual.

Teal Trinity Pendant by abigailJayneArt

I want my pieces to comfortably fit, whether on the body or in the environs of your space (my wall art not pictured here).  So, I think that I am currently defining my style as boho, and entering a new phase of creativity!

Anyone else have changing tastes emerging in your art?

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