Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanks, American Express!

Thanks to American Express, 
we have a movement to 
celebrate small businesses!   

Small Business Saturday is November 30th this year!  

Kick off the shopping season by planning to support local small businesses in your area.  They employ your neighbors and need your support!  Make a commitment, now, to visit at least one local small business on that Saturday!

As a small business owner, I appreciate everyone of my customers!  Some of my products (mainly aprons) are sold in a small retail venue, and occasionally I get to meet my customers; it is always delightful! Customers are usually happy to meet me, and ask about my sewing history or tell me how delighted they are to wear and give my aprons!  It makes my day and makes me smile. :)  It causes me to envision the future customer who will buy my aprons, when I am making them!  That makes it so much fun to sew!!!

Selection of coffee cozies from pruittcreations

I want to celebrate my Pruitt Creations customers by providing a FREE coffee cozy (a $6 value) with every purchase over $5 on Small Business Saturday!

Also, if you are a previous customer and join my newsletter list (see the right column for sign up), I will send you a free cozy just because . . . . I appreciate my customers!!!


Memories for Life said...

Great gift idea! I'll be celebrating SMS as well with a discount in my shop.

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I love American Express for doing this. It's nice to see a big company that doesn't *have* to support the little guys, but chooses to anyway.

I'll be in Paris on the 30th, so I won't be doing anything specific for my shop, but I hope everybody has a great sales day!