Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Have Little Ones? Need party gift?

Last weekend my grandson, Padraic, had a birthday party. All the decorations were about flying around the world in a hot air balloon.  Maps from all over the world adorned the walls as miniature airplanes and a mass of small hot air balloons hung suspended from the high ceiling! (I'll try to get a tutorial of the hot air balloon decorations from my daughter--maybe in tomorrows post!)

Do you have little ones in the home?  Then I know that you have frequent birthday party invitations floating in and out of your hands.  Everyone loves a party!  Ever thought of having a cupboard or drawer where you keep gifts ready for parties?  I do.  There is always that time when you have no time, you are super busy and your child reminds you that "the" party is this afternoon!   That's when you go to the cupboard and unlike 'old mother Hubbard' you do not find it bare! Don't for get to stock it with gift bags and bows! A second idea, for the cupboard, is to use the cupboard contents for times when you need a reward for your own child.  But if you use it in this way, make sure the cupboard is a secret from the kiddos, it just wouldn't do to have them begging for rewards!  :)  Also, the cupboard saves you time and thus saves you money, no more running around to the store and using up all that gasoline for each party!

I've listed a few ideas to begin stocking your cupboard:

Cupcake necklace by Padraic

Triple YoYo Hair barette by PruittCreations

Jumping frog pencil bag by PruittCreations
 By the way, if you visit my shop, check out the marked down/ CLEARANCE  section for tags and cards!


LanasArtStudio said...

I don't have the little ones at home...yet:) but I hope to have grandkids one day ... secretly hoping for but definatelly not ready yet:)
Happy B-Day Padraic!

pasqueflower said...

These would all be great grandkid gifts!!

pasqueflower said...

These would all be great grandkid gifts!!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

I don't have any kids yet, but I have a gift drawer in my office where I keep versatile goodies that make nice last-minute gifts. I've needed them a few times, so I'm glad I keep it stocked.

I like the sound of his party! That's a cute theme.

Memories for Life said...

These are great gift ideas! Love the little cupcake and your yoyo barrette :)

Natashalh said...

No kiddies around here yet! I do have several friends with little kids, though, and a couple of baby showers to attend soon.