Monday, November 16, 2009

38 Shopping Days

38 Shopping Days left! I can't believe it!

I haven't even thought about making my Christmas list yet--have you? I love Christmas and I love giving gifts, but with the economy as it is, I really have to pare down my list and buy wisely. You too? Well here are a few suggestions from Etsy:

Beautiful earrings from SparklyPark

Custom order of a child's apron from HerApronStringsShop

And don't forget decorating for the season!

(This is from my handcrafts shop)


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said... will be here before we know it!
Great features :)

Splendid Little Stars said...

Thank you so much for featuring my angel earrings! They are one of my favorites to make!
Handmade is always a wonderful choice for gift-giving. It's so much more personal.
The apron and wall hanging are lovely!
♥ Margaret

Ani said...

I love Margaret's earrings! 38 days? 38 DAYS!?! oh dear