Monday, November 30, 2009

Bazaar Critique

As promised to my Etsyblogger friends, here is my own critique of my first show of the season. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, and didn't get any pictures. My granddaughter did get a picture on her phone, and I am trying to get a copy of it. I'll post it if she gets it to me!

Anyway, here goes: (maybe ya'll will get some ideas from my mistakes)

1) I should have tagged everything! A few things did not have price tags and and in the rush and push of the beginning of the day, my memory failed me in a couple of instances. Sold too low in these instances, but I will never know if I could have actually gotten the higher price or not. At least the items sold!

2) My "loss leader" $2 earrings (last year's stock) sold very well . . . but they were not located in the proper place on my table. They were in the middle of the table and thus blocked access to other items as customers rummaged thru two trays of earrings.

3) My quilts, quilted wall hangings and aprons still were not displayed well. One reason was that I had a lack of space with just one table. In the next two craft sales, I will have more space--two tables. I have purchased a rack for better display of the quilts and their patterns. Quilted wall hangings were hung too low, the rack will help.

4) Signage could have been better, i.e. two signs for each of two earring trays--not just one sign. Questions surfaced: "Is that the price for both trays?"

Observation: Most customers were 30 something and older, mostly buying for self. Since it was held at a school and just before Thanksgiving, there were a few younger customers buying Christmas gifts. A couple of older ladies bought an apron for a gift. Almost sold another 'gift' apron, but it wasn't large enough.
**Note to self for next year: Make a few more aprons for women with a larger girth!

I have a two day show beginning tomorrow, and another show on Saturday. The first sale is on a college campus and it will be interesting to see what sells. I would imagine that I will sell more coffee cup cozies and small Christmas gift items. My etsy shops will on vacation mode till next week. I will try to do another critique or "exit interview" next week on these new shows. It will be fun to compare them!

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memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

It's great to be able to look at your display and know what you want to do differently next time. I hope to see a photo of your display at the next show :)