Thursday, January 14, 2010


Stroking Sasha's fur and grabbing her travel cup, Abby dashed out the door and headed for the truck. No sporty sedan for her, she needed a work vehicle. Some of her errands today were to pick up some replacement stock at the nursery and deliver a batch of flowers to the rural market stand. Then, on to Thomas House to deliver vegetables that Suz picked fresh and prepared for delivery.

"I had better stop at the market first, and drop off these flowers while they are still fresh. Wouldn't want them to wilt! I always spend too much time at TH! The kids there are just so cute and need an extra smiling face! Maybe I could work on puzzles with a few of them today. Thomas House is such a worthy charity." She further mused on the work and services they provided there, "Immediate haven that meets the urgent and long-term needs of homeless women and their children. Activities conducted by skilled professional staff and they maintain a 5 to 1 client to staff ratio. That's pretty Good! Transitional Services span the range from workforce related learning and career centers and an educational children's center to life skills such as budgeting and cooking needed to be self-sufficient, along with parenting classes. There's career planning, opportunities to acquire a high school diploma, learn computer, vocational and employment skills. The Continuation Service includes moving assistance, ongoing life skills instruction, and neighborhood orientation to make the transition to independent living. The Children's Center is a state licensed center providing early childhood education, or homeschooling for a younger children until they are ready to enter the school system. Comprehensive. How could we not help?"

This is Abby's charity; the family farm operation provides fresh vegetables thru the summer season. Are you like Abby? There are charitable possibilities everywhere in your city to offer your time or your contributions. Local shelters, rescue missions always need coffee, mentoring services for children, court appointed volunteers for foster children, Red Cross volunteers for overnight warming shelters, agencies that provide homemade blankets for seriously ill children and hospice patients, etc. Do you have a favorite charity that you contribute to? Tell us about it.


Marlene said...

Great reminder to help others. There is a hospital here, The Shriner's Hospital For Crippled Children that we donate to. My Nephew's daughter was born with club feet and this organization did the surgery needed without any pay. They do this for all children in need, whose families cannot possibly afford to get their children the surgery, help etc. that they need. It is a very worthy cause. We also donate to the Ronald McDonald House, It is a place that houses families that need shelter while loved ones are in the hospital and away from home and need a place to stay and can not afford one. They also have helped my daughter when her son was life-flighted to Idaho and she and her husband had no means to pay to be with him.

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I'm enjoying Abby's journeys :)

I help the Red Cross every year with their craft show and donations :)

Kathleen said...

I just found out that there is a farm in Chino Valley that is raising food and giving it away. Several of the churches are supporting it and have volunteers working the fields and gardens. Nice and needed!