Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have posted a challenge that may have been a little difficult for many (See Aug 5th entry) since it involves putting our dreams down in writing. There haven't been any takers, that I know of, for this little experiment of mine. To be honest, it is a little difficult for me! It forces me to expose my dreams and hopes to an audience mostly unknown to me. Exposure is not fun, and let's face it, most of us bloggers, are going along on our merry way, just having fun with our blogs and our lives. It's easier that way.

So . . . here goes.

I dream of a farm about 10-20 acres where we grow blueberries! I know, you thought I would be writing about my handmade items, my artistry dreams! Just wait, I will get to that---.

We would have two houses on this farm, one for me and my husband and one for my youngest daughter's family. We would have a barn, although not so much for animals, as for the equipment needed for the operation. It would have a shed also to house the retail sales to passers-by. Besides the fields of blueberries, it would also have a large vegetable garden, and a large flower garden, where my daughter and I (and my grandsons-while they are still little) would spend a lot of time. There would be gardening and canning, and cooking and lots of family time! The shed would be made over as a little country shop with all kinds of homemade and country items. All of my (and my daughter's) handmade items, would have a physical shop home. It would also house the u-pick operation in the lean-to outside.

I am a person who really does not like down time! I must be busy all the time! So, this dream of a farm to care for, large gardens with canning chores, and flowers to deliver to the nearby stores and, maybe even a farmers market, would keep me busy in the day time, with all of the evening hours to work on my creativity (not to mention the winter days when gardening was quiet)!

I could go on, with details but I will not. You get the picture.

OK . . .now, I still have that gift to give for anyone who participates. Be sure to come back and comment about your post to win! (details in August 5th post).


TiLT said...

Okay...wanna add another small abode? I'll help with the veggie garden & farmers market :)

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

What a wonderful dream Linda!
I hope your dream comes true in the very near future :)

storybeader said...

sounds like a wonderful farm! Great to have family close by!

Marlene said...

That is a beautiful dream Linda. I will give this some thought and see if I can put my dream into words. I will go check your prior post to see how this works.

Marlene said...

I just visited your August 5th post, are you extending your timeline?

Kathleen said...

What a wonderful dream! I love it =) Praying that it comes true for you.

I guess I am living my dream - and more! The Lord had been gracious to me - and more!