Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's Your Dream?

What's Your Dream? Challenge

Those of us who love to craft, like all the other people in the world, have dreams! It's always the question on any interview form: What do you dream about accomplishing? or Tell us your dreams for your business.

Dreams come in all forms. A little list of short term goals for your shop i.e. between now, thru Christmas and on into the New Year. Or a long term "someday" wish. The other day, I saw an interview where someone wanted to have her own show in a gallery. Another person wants to have her own studio. If you could express your dreams, how would you express them? Would you draw a picture of what you see in your thoughts? Would you get serious and write out a business plan? Is your craft business a means to a bigger dream? Or do you just push your dreams as far back in your mind as possible.

I like to make lists. Something practical that serves as a check list that guides me into the future. I'm more practical than flamboyant-- lists serve me well.

So, I decided to host a little challenge. Take a few days to think about your dreams. Write out some thoughts, and do a blog post about your dreams for your crafting business, or your family or whatever you dream about. I know, sometimes, we are afraid to put them tangibly on paper. It's a little scary! But, after you think about it, and gather your thoughts, do a blog post. Then, come back here to my blog, comment, tell me how it went and leave your link. Get all this done by August 14th and on Sunday August 15th I will list all of your posts in my blog. Also, I will be giving a surprise gift (in a reusable angel gift bag) for the most inspiring (to me:-) post!

Oh . . . . and tweeting, and facebook posts are appreciated to get the word out! Come back and comment about your tweets and FB posts, and I will use them if I need a tie-breaker!--I'm sure your finished products will all be wonderful!) I'll share mine on August 14th!
It should be fun to share our dreams! Happy dreaming!!


Stunning... said...

I love this idea! Note to self to think about this!

Splendid Little Stars said...

great idea! This will be very interesting!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I'm a list-maker too :) My most current goal is to get 9 custom name albums done by Labor Day! Wish me luck :)