Thursday, June 9, 2011


Went shopping yesterday and got a bargain.  The meat department was clearing out quite a few of their whole chickens--large ones!  I paid $3.70 for a nearly 5 lb chicken! 

My daughter is always eating healthy, spends a lots of her time on Saturdays at the farmers market and insists on fresh local food!  Her name is Suzanne.  Well, I did a "Suzanne" with our meal this evening.  Along with the roasted chicken, I cooked some fresh broccoli, homemade mashed potatoes and scratch gravy, and made a fresh spinach salad (spinach was from the farmers market, a local grower) with fresh cherries and balsamic dressing. I don't have a picture of the salad, as it was the first course and gone before I thought about sharing all this with you!  Dinner was nothing fancy, but yummy!

   Now, what shall I do for dessert?


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Great bargain! Looks delicious!
Got any cherries left...Cherry Pie sounds good :)

Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks! Edi, Cherry Pie is hubby's favorite!