Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today is my favorite person's birthday! No, it's not one of my kids', it's my husband's birthday! Wasn't he a cute baby?  He is the youngest child and only boy in a family of five children.  Being the youngest, with four older sisters, his dad was careful to teach him to be respectful  to girls and how to be a gentleman.

Yesterday, my daughter-in-law wrote on Facebook: "We are nearing our 7th anniversary and my husband still opens the door for me!"  He learned it from my hubby, who still opens the car door for me after over twenty years of marriage.  My hubby learned from his father, and grandpa Joe would be so proud of the both of them! 

My hubby got his sense of humor and optimism from his dad too!  Everything with him is fun, puns abound and life is enjoyable.  I am blessed!

Hurricane Ridge at Olympic Nat'l Park

Happy Birthday, Honey!


BeadedTail said...

Happy Birthday to your Honey! I hope he has a wonderful day!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

He WAS a cute baby! Happy birthday to him!

A fun companion is worth a lot.

Rose said...

Happy birthday to your husband! Love the stories and pictures.