Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Review

Some of my blog friends have done a review of the old year and listed their hopes & dreams of the new year.  I loved Rose's review, and thought I should do much the same.  Thanks, Rose, for the idea!

First, if you know me at all, you know that my year was filled with awesome crazy grandkids--25 of them!

Bella and Ada making a mess

Roman and Grandpa

And all those grands means that there is a lot of family!  So my year was spent with lots of gatherings for feasting! 

Daugher Jackie, SIL Terry (Suzanne's DH), and GD Courtney 
The next thing that hubby and I like to do is be outdoors.  We spent lots of afternoons eating our brown bag lunches at the riverside or taking our grands on a walk.  That was fun!

Bird watching on the Willamette

Kellog Creekside--One of my favorite pictures!
 Oh and there were lots of craft shows with my family:

And lots of Etsy stuff--shops & sales; forums & threads; promoting--tweeting & facebook; and lots of blog entries about the wonderful handmade world!

Custom order for an Etsy customer's Dad!

Lots of shopping at estate sales and finding awesome vintage fabrics:

Creativity from lovely estate sale fabrics!

And what now, for 2012? 
Looking carefully to see what the future might hold. 

See tomorrow's post for my list of hope and dreams.


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

I'm glad you got to spend so much time with family in 2011 :)
I hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you and your loved ones!

Sweet Posy Dreams said...

Happy New Year! What fun times you must have with such a big family. I really like the picture of Roman and his Grandpa; what a happy face!

Best wishes for 2012!

Rose said...

Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad that my post was inspiring. I love all of your family photos and look forward to seeing what you do with your family in 2012.

BeadedTail said...

I enjoyed your year in review! It's wonderful that you were able to spend so much time with family!

Kathleen said...

What fun to have so many grandchildren! Delightful photos - nice to travel through the year with you!

storybeader said...

love the outside/nature scenes. Isn't Oregon beautiful! {:-D

Judy Nolan said...

Sounds like 2011 was Year of the Family for you, which is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing/reading about this year's goals.