Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Life of Saint Patrick

Today is St. Patrick's day, and while most people are reveling in beer and the luck of the Irish, I prefer to celebrate the wonderful saint. I did a treasury on Etsy honoring him:

'Life of St Patrick' by pruitthandcrafts

Saint Patrick's life was amazing! Here's a tribute:

















Here's a few facts:

Life span--387 AD to Approximately 460-1 AD.

Born in Britain, to a deacon with his grandfather a priest.  He was kidnapped by Irish raiders and shipped to Ireland, the land of Druids and pagans, as a slave at age 14.  He served as a shepherd for 6 years suffering terrible conditions.  He learned to pray constantly, as a slave, until he heard God's voice, "Time to leave Ireland, your ship is ready."  He traveled 200 miles to a port and sailed home to his family.  He became a priest, he had a vision of the Irish saying, "Holy servant boy, come walk among us again."  He was appointed as a bishop to return to Ireland and preach the gospel and encourage the church.  He baptized thousands; he is thought to have taught through symbolism, i.e. the three leafed clover (the shamrock) to explain the Trinity, the concept of three persons being one God.  He died in Saul Ireland after converting many pagans to Christianity and establishing the church in Ireland. 


Memories for Life said...

It's great to know the story behind the holiday. I have to admit I hadn't ever heard it...thanks :)

Kathleen said...

Good reminder to us what St. Patrick was all about! Lovely treasury, too!