Saturday, March 30, 2013

Whew! Bazaar Over!

Just finished a two day bazaar!  Thought I would share a funny picture of my granddaughter helping me.  Klee told me that she was there to provide me with "comic relief" on the slow afternoon! I think all the customers were out enjoying the sunshine--that much sunshine and 75 degree weather in March is unusual for Oregon!    She tried on my children's aprons and  drew pictures for me!  She really was a crack-up!  Anyway, here's a 15 year old modeling a little child apron (note the sweat shirt sliding off her shoulders!   :) chuckle! chuckle!

This is my GD that will be gone for nearly a year as an exchange student to Taiwan-- leaving in August! I will miss her and her help with craft shows!

Now, that the Spring craft shows are finished, I can move on to all the work involved with opening my new online shop. If you are interested in getting a monthly newsletter about the opening--and all things new at Pruitt Creations and Abigail Jayne Art--there is sign up on the right sidebar.  Thanks!


Memories for Life said...

What fun to have your GD help with the show. Sounds like she was great entertainment :)

Laurie said...

How nice that you had the chance to spend that time together! Wow, she is in for an adventure as an exchange student!