Thursday, April 4, 2013

"About" page?"

This is me! Albeit a few years ago, but none-the-less me!  (Sorry it is a grainy, yellow picture--I know!)  Sew . . . what about me?

When Etsy first added an "about" page availability to our shops, I was like so many: I said to myself, "What do I need that for?  I already have a public profile!"  It was a bit of a mystery to me.  I tried working with it, but I just made a mess of it and quit.  I didn't understand the concept nor the procedure.  And I am no stranger to online processes!

But the other day, I sat down and waded thru the process--for two of my shops no-less!   First up was a portion that asked for my picture and some facts about me as the owner of the shop.  Pretty obvious.  Once I  did that and saved it, the screen changed to what I thought was a blank template again, seemingly I had lost what I had done!  (**!!????)  Actually, it was prompting me to add members.  "Members?  What is this?  I am only me!"  I said.  I finally figured out that I should move down the page to make a shop description and skip the members section, if I had no members! Dud!

Once I added the info about myself, I could add information and pictures about my shop and my work. It was a fun process looking thru pictures of my handiwork and deciding which ones to use.  I got some good advice, online, from other Etsians, as to how to describe my work.  The best advice was that the about page is not intended to be your resume!  It's about what you do and why you do it!  People--prospective customers-- want to know about why you do what you do!  Sew . . . that makes it fun!

I was pleasantly surprised with my finished product--my about page-- and my other about page--and hope when you visit any of my shops, you will take a look!  If you need more help with your about page, there is lots of instruction available on Etsy and elsewhere on the web.  Good luck!    


Memories for Life said...

Your About pages look great! I love seeing all the photos :)

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Nice About page, Linda! I haven't done one yet myself -- guess I'd better get onto that little project!

Laurie said...

Thank you for that encouragement -- about how good Etsy directions are, and about the journey to create your About pages!

Erin @ One Crazy Lady and Six Great Kids said...

Good info...thanks! I need to get my page put together. =]