Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Collegiate Softball!

I am a grandmother, first and foremost.  Although this blog is not about my family, I do occasionally deviate from my creative subjects and write about my grand kids. Today is one of those days. Just 'chalk it up' to one proud grandma!

Granddaughter Courtney, graduated high school last year.  She was on a winning softball team for several of her high school years.  Hubby and I loved to go watch her play, mostly the catcher's position, sometimes, short stop or second base.  Her team was top notch!  Double plays, amazing catches, team spirit and home runs!  Awesome.

Mound conference!

Back to it!

Two local community colleges have top teams too, but Courtney has chosen to move North to Seattle to live with her uncle and family, going to the local community college there, before transferring to University of Oregon in a year or two. She has her reasons. The team she is playing with now is NOT a top notch team. That was evident to me with the first game that I watched. Initially, the school had trouble getting a team together---returning players were pregnant, or didn't make the eligible grades they needed.  Open tryouts were held to fill in the roster.  So, wins have not been forthcoming like Courtney is used to.

But, winning isn't everything . . . Courtney is happy making new friends, and being on her own for a while. I am proud of her.  She has chosen carefully and is pursuing her goals.  I watched her cheer on her team members, dive for the ball at second base, and straighten bats waiting for use.  Spirit green bow in her hair, speaking to us after the game, I heard no excuses, no whining and satisfaction in her voice. All, I can say is:

Yay Courtney! 
When life gives you a curve ball, just continue doing your best!  Love ya!  


pasqueflower said...

Yay, Courtney! What a nice post!

Natashalh said...

Woohoo! It sounds like she has a good plan. An old roommate of mine lived with her aunt and uncle to earn an associates and get Virginia state residency before going to George Mason for her 'actual degree.' It was a great plan that saved her money and worked out really well!