Friday, May 24, 2013

BBA May Challenge

Since I have been working so much with my apron orders, I really haven't had time to actually create new ideas for my crafting endeavors.  But I did get a new camera this month and I have been working on my depth of field--you know, long depth: overall landscape all in focus, or short depth: only what is in the foreground is in focus.  With this new camera, it is a matter of finding the right settings to take the desired picture.  And since our Blogging Business Artisans May Challenge is "April showers brought May flowers so let's see them! Create something with flowers and let your imagination bloom!" I thought I would use it to practice taking depth of field pictures.  This challenge was brought to us from Sharla at BeadedTail,  actually one of my Oregon state neighbors, and she has a wonderful blog, written from her animals point of view, that I am sure you will love! Please visit! 

Now, here are my flowers--Not where I want to be yet with the camera settings, but working on it!  

Magnolia  with tree out of focus

Lilac with pine tree top in the background

These little snowdrops are gorgeous, especially if you click on the picture to get a larger and closer view.  The background is muted a bit with a soft focus.

These tiny beauties were difficult to get with a short focus, since the were so small and growing in a jumble of other foliage. But I think I was able to get some of the background softer than the actual flowers.  Could have been better, but as I say, I'm working on it!  Great Challenge!  

You can see the other challenge posts on our team blog

P.S.  I did some other pictures of flowers in a previous post about rhododendrons--one good photo there!


Janet Bocciardi said...

You're doing great with your camera! I'm thinking of taking a class, because these days I just don't take the time to read manuals.

Beautiful flower photos!

Splendid Little Stars said...

great work, Linda! Flowers are good to practice on because they can be quite difficult.
The red rose is a beauty!

Kathleen said...

What beautiful flowers! So nice to see all the flowers beginning to bloom. Yay! Great answer to the challenge.

BeadedTail said...

Lovely flowers and great photos! Thank you for the kind words about my blog too! :)

pasqueflower said...

So pretty! The close-up detail on the roses is fantastic.

Rose said...

Beautiful flower captures! Your photo skills are coming along nicely.

Duni said...

I simply love the lilacs! I received a DSLR from my family for my birthday last year and sadly I haven't had much opportunity to practice, due to the exceptionally long winter and lots of rainy spring days.

storybeader said...

these are wonderful photos! You're a real pro with that camera already. Such pretty flowers! {:-D

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such a challenge, but your flower photos are beautiful! So nice that you stopped by!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Beautiful pics! I need to read my camera's manual to figure out how to do that background out of focus like your magnolia!