Monday, May 20, 2013

Upgrade Weekend

This weekend, while recovering from this flu/virus thing that has hold on me, I sat mostly at the computer on Sunday and worked on this blog.  I changed the header, since mine had been a picture of my signature Breast Cancer quilt for several years now.  I recently changed the header on my other blog, and knew that this blog needed an upgrade too!

I previously had the pink quilt picture and a pink background.  I was going for a cleaner look to exhibit my photos better on a white background.  I know that photos on a black background look really great, but I really don't like to read blogs that are on a black background, so, since I do write and have images, I chose a white background. Also changed my pages tabs and worked on my About Me page--not finished with that yet.   (Adding these pictures of the weekend-- my granddaughter's last softball game of this season and my youngest daughter's move into the new house.)

Oops, she missed this one, but got a single on the next pitch!

And . . . carrying pillows in a heavy equipment carrier for comic relief during the move!  

 My crazy sons-in-law!

And, down the hill to the truck . . grunt, grunt . . while everyone chuckled! 

Well, what do you think?  Really would like to know your opinions of my upgrade! Thanks! 


Eyelah said...

Love the new header!! That's hilarious about the pillows.

Natashalh said...

What a cool photo! Too bad she missed the pitch, but that show is pretty neat.

Splendid Little Stars said...

fun family photos!
Your blog upgrades look great!
I need to work on mine.

Laurie said...

It's bright and pretty, Linda!

pasqueflower said...

I love your new header! The touch of green gives it a fresh look. And I love how you showcased some of your cute, cute aprons.

Moves are so stressful. Comic relief is good!!

Memories for Life said...

The blog looks great! I love the clean design and your new header as well.
Glad you got to supervise the move :)