Friday, July 5, 2013

Bakersfield Buildings

If you saw my post on Monday, you will recognize some of the trees and shrubs in this further tour of my home town.

This is the main building of our museum and adjacent Pioneer Village.  I have fond memories of visiting the village when I was in elementary school.  I did not have time to go in and take pics of the village, but practiced using my camera outside the museum.

and downtown . . .

Local theater that I attended as a teen--still there!

This sign has a sorted history in our town--it's still there!
 Last but not least, our local airport . . . .

baggage claim area

airport lobby
And the most famous and recognizable structure in my town--the clock tower.  It originally stood at our main downtown intersection but was damaged in the earthquake in 1952.  I remember the quake, I ran down the sidewalk to get home and still remember the feeling of the sidewalk shaking under me!  The clock tower was re-built at the County museum where it is enjoyed today! 

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  
Next week--one more tour--- my favorite (cool and sugary) building!

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Rose said...

I did enjoy the little tour! So glad that you're getting out and practicing with your camera. It shows! You got some really nice shots.