Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweet Sugar High!

My last destination in my hometown tour is the sweetest place you have ever encountered!  It's been in my hometown for over one hundred years.  I took my mom there for a little break in our routine.  She hasn't been there very many times in her 85 years, and she said it brought back memories of her high school years. Bakersfield High school is just a block away from the now famous Dewar's Ice Cream parlor! My grown kids never miss a trip to Dewar's, when they are in town!

Mom said she passed by there everyday on her way to school, but never went in, because they were a poor family and she had no money.  It was a joy to treat her on this day!

They make their own ice cream and still have an old fashioned soda fountain inside, where you can order a 'black and white' (any of you remember what that is?), a malt or a sundae of any flavor!  Here's the soda menu.  It should bring back a few memories if you have ever been to a soda fountain.  

They also make their own candy!  Their taffy chews are my favorite--peanut butter, caramel or peppermint including many other flavors! This does not even mention their handmade chocolates and truffles!  My first husband, now deceased, used to bring home heart shaped boxes of chocolates on Valentines Day every year.  One big box for me--all milk chocolate--and a small box for each of our kids!  What a memory!

Mom waiting for me to take the picture! 
Two scoops!

Although I know that you cannot taste the goodies, please enjoy the tour of the interior, as it is a treat in itself with its quaint pink, black and white decor, and painted candy ceilings!  Enjoy!

Another favorite--the chandelier!

and on a hot day, besides ice cream, you need an old world fan:

Sorry that you were not with us to sample the treats, but you can order some at the Dewar's  website! Or here's their Facebook page.  You won't be disappointed! 


Betty Luckhurst said...

I think I'm glad I didn't get to go--I'd still be there sampling everything! That looks like such a lovely place.

Linda Blatchford said...

Oh, I'd love that place. There's one in Saugutuck, MI that I like to go to when I'm in town.

Great pics, thsnk.

pasqueflower said...

What fun! Love the 50's style interior. The drug store in my little town had a soda fountain. My young and free-spirited Aunt Jan took me there.

riorita said...

Looks like a great place to be. I love my old hometown too!

Memories for Life said...

Love the polka dotted stools and the fun painted ceiling!

Rose said...

My mouth is watering! I enjoyed the tour.

Sheryl said...

Oh, I love the story of your mom. Too sweet (well, didn't mean that kind of sweet, but I'll let it stay because it is just so appropriate.)

Splendid Little Stars said...

Now that was a treat!
There was a place like that near where I grew up. out of business now. My mom used to say that her car automatically went there! and it was true!
In high school I worked behind a lunch counter and we made sodas--ice cream and not.