Monday, July 15, 2013

Vacation Photos

Home for a day or two, in the middle of our vacation, sew . . . .I will just post a few pictures from our weekend, including the Sister's Oregon Outdoor Quilt show (will do an in depth post on it later--after vacation is over!).

Small roadside lake with  timber clear cut in the background

view from our lodgings-- two of the three Sisters peaks 

Relaxing evening on Clear Lake

Sahalis Falls with sunshine thru the mist

Sisters Oregon quilt show 
OK, now off again to the beach!  See ya later! 

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Isobel Morrell said...

As a former quilter, those you show look very interesting -if a little far away! Look forward to seeing the follow-up post you promised: meanwhile, have a great trip.


Rose said...

What a gorgeous setting! Enjoy your time at the beach.

Natashalh said...

Beautiful! I love the falls. We are en route to some falls now!

Eyelah said...

Your pictures are beautiful! Look at that mountain!

Duni said...

What a beautiful area! Oh, how I would love to have gone with you to the show :)

Memories for Life said...

Wow, what beautiful scenery!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

so gorgeous!