Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Grandson's Tree Project

Hi!   Remember me?  Life has been so busy lately, this blog has has been neglected!  Not totally forgotten!

I wanted to bring you an update on the last post.  My grandson, Padraic, was visiting yesterday and he told me that the next time he comes over he wants to bring his fabric strip Christmas tree that he made.  I showed it to you in the last post.  His plans are to adhere it to a background piece and make a pillow sham/cover out of it.  He wants to decorate it too!    I'll share a picture when we, Paddy and I, get together next.

What have I been up to? Besides making aprons?  I've been working on my inventory for the seasonal craft shows. Mostly Christmas stockings!

I have already written a post about them and how I make them, here.

This new quilted design uses a cute "Christmas Postcard to Santa" print for it's foundation with an old fashioned applique print and beaded accents.  Whatcha think?

 Also have been working on a new textile art piece.  I will just show a bit of it, as it is not finished yet:

 It has a bit of thread couching, (can you see it on the edges of the printed leaf?) and the piece will be finished with thread painting.  Don't know what that is?  Stay tuned . . . .


Mechelle said...

I love the stocking and decoration!

Rose Clearfield said...

Good for you working ahead on your Christmas stock!

Memories for Life said...

The beads really finish it off nicely! Can't wait to see what your poinsettias are going on!

Splendid Little Stars said...

ooo...a teaser! Looks wonderful! new project and stockings!