Thursday, September 5, 2013

Proud Crafty Grandma!

Been extremely busy this past few weeks sewing for my wholesale client--some special order aprons and working with beautiful Fall prints for their autumn stock. Will be busy ongoing, since the Christmas stock orders are piling up too!  Anyway, I have lots and lots of scrap materials when I sew continually.  I sort them into larger pieces for future crafting projects and strip pieces for future quilting.  

On Tuesday's my grandsons come over after music lessons and spend a few hours visiting.  Last week, Padraic, age 10, wanted to know if he could make something from the materials in my strip pile while I visited with his mom and entertained his little brother.  He chose the fabrics--took his lead from my crazy quilted Christmas stockings. (Previous post about them.)

Here's what he came up with:
Strip Christmas tree!

He took it home to hang.  I don't know if he decorated it or not!  My daughter saves all kinds of materials for his projects at home, including toilet paper rolls and Popsicle sticks and boxes.  Once he made a castle with these kind of materials!  He's very crafty; he loves to make things, using his hands! Anyway, I am a proud grandma--my family is following in my footsteps!!!!

Use it up, wear it out, made do or do without!

5 comments: said...

How sweet! I love crafting with kids! :-)

pasqueflower said...

It's great to see kids being creative. They are so uninhibited! Love the use of color in that tree!
You're a great creative role model, grandma!

Memories for Life said...

Craftiness definitely runs in the family! The tree is a great idea!

Eyelah said...

Thats so cute that he's crafty!! I love hearing about children being crafty it makes me hope they'll continue the tradition when they get older.

Splendid Little Stars said...

ah...a man after my own heart! What a great tree!