Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Gift and a Disappointment

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday!  I've been sharing my various mason jar gifts (see previous posts) for my Mason Jar Christmas! I know it is the day after, but I still wanted to share some more of my mason jar gifts--maybe you can use one of the ideas for a future gift!

These were for my older grand girls, Colleen, Courtney, Taylor, Kayleigh, Madison, Cassandra, Alessandra,  and Hope:

These are filled with sewing notions for the beginning sewer.  Tape measure, pins, needles, needle threader, safety pins, thread and seam ripper.  All are pink because I want my grands to remember to take care of themselves (as I am a breast cancer survivor.)

But . . . and there is a "but".  I have said in my blog profile that I share disappointments. So here goes: I followed several Internet blog instructions for this pincushion lid.  But, most instructions did not say what to stuff the pincushion with.  Being in a hurry (Christmas and all), I stuffed it with what I had which wasn't the best.  Also, most instructions did not explicitly explain a good way to attach the pincushion in a way that the lid would fit onto the jar again. There was not enough clearance left for a tight fit.  They look nice, but are not functional enough. Suffice it to say, that I will be replacing the lids of all my grand children's gift jars as soon as I have redone them. And I will share, hopefully, the solution.

Sharing a few more mason jar ideas in the next post. Happier ones!


Splendid Little Stars said...

These are wonderful gifts! I'm sure they will appreciate them.
It IS frustrating when instructions aren't complete. I'll look forward to reading about your "fix."

Debbi Huntington said...

I read somewhere that if you use a steel pad or scubbie (without soap) for the pin cushion it will help keep the pins sharp.
they look great, and I'm glad you're a survivor. :-)

Natashalh said...

Maybe there weren't good instructions because they couldn't figure it out, either!

I've used just regular fiberfill for basic pincushions and fluffed up steel wool for rust-preventative ones. I personally think a steel wool interior with fluffy on the outside is the best of both worlds.

Laurie said...

I know just how you feel, Linda. I used one of those Internet recipes from Pinterest, 3 ingredient pie, and it was a disaster.

Eyelah said...

They look great but sorry they didn't explicitly say how it's done. I really hate how some DIY instructions miss an important step. It's like..thanks a bunch.

pasqueflower said...

They are very cute -- and a very thoughtful and useful gift. I'll be anxious to read how you solve the lid challenge.