Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Projects!

I made some cute roll up crayon carriers for my grandkids for Christmas! The novelty fabric really makes these interesting! These are filled with jumbo crayons for the littlest grandchildren. These cute rolls pack easily into a purse or diaper bag for travel to church or to the doctor appointment. They keep little ones happy and busy. See several more in my etsy shop. Link at the right.
If you have an idea for a similar carrier, share it with all of us!


Wendy said...


linda said...

Thanks, Wendy! One of my grand-daughters is into kintting. She has several sets of knitting needles, so I guess I will be coming up with a KNITTING NEEDLE ROLL for her! (as soon as she picks the fabric!)

Suzanne Hoselton said...

Padraic loves this! He had to take it on our trip to Washington, along with several coloring books!