Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scrappy Days!

You know what it is like to be in-between projects? Not knowing where to start next? You've got supplies and fabrics and, probably, half-finished projects, but you still struggle to begin a new project! That's where I am right now. Christmas, and it's associated projects are over; the bazaar season is over for now; and I don't know what to begin next! So, today I got out my boxes, looked thru my stash and my supplies; and on the way cleaned and organized a few things. All the while, looking for inspiration! I'm still short some yellow fabric for the landscape quilt . . . I need hot pink thread to finish some coasters . . . I haven't decided what to do with a bag full of browns that inspired me back in the fall!

Then there's all those scraps from all my previous projects!! Don't you just hate all those left-overs! I like COMPLETED projects where THERE ARE NO LEFTOVER FABRICS! Always there is this dilemma--what to do with the scraps! I love fabrics and want to do something useful with them! I don't want to waste anything! Coming up with ideas to use the leftovers is challenging!

So . . . today I pulled out the scraps and used some of them to make coasters! Little log cabin patchwork type coasters using fabrics left from my latest quilt projects. They turned out a little larger than usual coasters, but that's OK. It's creative! Besides, some people use mongo cups for their drinks! They need larger coasters, don't they?

Try something scrappy today! You'll feel so satisfied with yourself, besides getting rid of all those leftovers!!!


Suzanne Hoselton said...

I'll have to come over and see these new items!

Suzanne Hoselton said...

I really like your coasters. Very pretty!