Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Even tho' I am on vacation (house sitting) I feel the urge to create! Enough of being idle! My mind is full of possibilities to create! I'm mulling over some color combinations , having been inspired by Joen's book. (See bottom of the page for the book recommendation . . also, I have included a quote from her book [page 22] in the next paragraph.)

Right now, I am thinking of blues. I've not worked with very many blue fabrics, I've always seemed to chose other colors. Do you seem to gravitate toward the same certain colors or color groups? Trying something new can be a bit scary at first, I guess we just get comfortable with what we know--in a bit of a rut?!? Anyway, I want to stay with the monochromatic scheme (LIKE MY BREAST CANCER QUILTS) and do another small quilt. I want to see how different gradations, hews and tints will work together. While I am doing this small quilt, I will be thinking over how to do a winter landscape quilt, since nature has "scores of examples of monochromatic color schemes . . . A cold bleak winter day can display hues from one family alone. The monochromatic scheme can be sophisticated and elegant." I am thinking in blues, or greens . And then there is the little peach quilt for little Raya, and a watercolor quilt I want to do, and the . . . oh well, we're always thinking about new creations, aren't we? --lp

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